Thank you so much for being with everyone before the start of the course. I hope that you are all good now. And the most beautiful time is to bite online. So let’s sit with the new time and start happily and start our course ‘How to create a website with WordPress’ can be made.

Let’s clear the first thing, what is actually wordpress; The answer is given in two ways. If I have to give a practical answer, then ‘wordpress is rich in wealthy and wealthy, the most beautiful thing of poor spell’; Now you can ask me, ‘what is the meaning of this sentence’; In other words, the ‘web developer’ community was the great wealthy people; If you want to create a website for your work, so what to do? The web developer will have to go to the foot, how would you like to say that Kainda will not be the one who creates a Khan website beautiful. Then you will pay a large amount of money to the web developer, then he will build the site, will do the mainintane, how many more stories; At last, you had to get 25-30 thousand rupees to make a beautiful website; And web developer Saheb Muchki Hisa took 28 thousand taka from 30 thousand rupees as part of his profits; So, they gradually went to great wealth.

Then the word of this word of the word, he changed the void overnight; Now if you want to build a website, if you are too much, then only one and a half thousand dollars is enough, you will not have to go to any web developer’s website; Bosea Boseja can do everything in the house itself. If you know something better then you can earn freelancing and earn money. Thousands of boys of Bangladesh are now earning thousands of taka a day because of knowing this wordpress. For this reason, in the first place, WordPress was making poor web developers poor, and poor Pola made a great way to get money in Pine.

So this goes fizzle message, now let’s go to the theoretical talk, meaning theory –

What is WordPress?

In the initial stage, WordPress was a blogging platform. This means that you will have a blog address, in which you will be blogging. If you open a blog, at the Prothom-alo blog, you want to apace blog lekha cracks here. So you wrote a blog, wrote “My name is Mukles, my left hand is this, I have five fingers, my two hands, two legs ……”; So after writing this blog, you post it; The moderator of the blog went to all the writings of Apna Lekhita writing “I’m Mukul”; This decree has frustrated you that you do not have any with this blog, you will open your blog, write your mind whatever you want. Initially WordPress could offer you the opportunity to open this blog.

Changed the day, WordPress changed; Switching back to WordPress is now Mahrourah. According to Times’s calculations, nowadays, 53 percent of the world’s website is made up of WordPress. Because it does not know any coding to build a site, as it is written in Microsoft Word, wordpress can be written in the same manner, there are thousands of plugins on it; With which you can decorate your website like mind. And the most outstanding aspect of WordPress is that it’s totally free. No one will want to ask me a day or a day.

Types of WordPress –

WordPress mainly offers two types of services, both of which are free-



You will get a free subdomain on, you will get hosting like 2 GB, and you will find some design specifications of WordPress, which are named ‘wordpress theme’; Just as you open normal Facebook account, you can open an account at and blogging in Dhoom. But there are problems with this, you can not change any type of site or blog in, plus the website address you will be given to –


Now let’s say your address above ( is preferred. You want to create in that case you must use; To do this, there is no blemish of registration; Just need a domain and a hosting. We will learn how to build websites with in our course. We will use a paid domain and hosting in this full tutorial. If you want or if you have, you can also use for paid domain hosting practice, or you can use many free hosting and domain companies who will host your domain for free. I gave some lists below, there are many people, but they are the best to give free. Of course, if you do not practice any practice or just want to learn, there is no problem, Just Tutorial and video clips very domain


FreeHostia, 000webhost

Why WordPress is the best one to use –

  1. If you have the lowest domain of your hosting and you can use WordPress.
  • Originally HTML, PHP, CSS to create website – these coding takes. If you do not know ‘A’ of this coding, then you can create a great website using this wordpress.

  • If you search Google, you will get WordPress designs above millions, which you can easily use to design your own website.

  • So today, this is the beginning, we’ll start off in the next phase, from the next episode. Good, stay healthy; The beginning of the new year is very colorful; If there is anything to know, you can ask in the comment box below.

    Offtopic 1 – If you really want to create a site then in that case, you must use paid domain and hosting, in no way use these freebies; Use only for practice.

    Ophthyctic 2 – Think about all our thoughts in this course, just, we will not say anything else.