320px-Cannabis_PlantKnown as marijuana, marijuana, ganjika, Ganja, siddhi etc. Originally a preparation of cannabis plants that are prepared for use as a psychoactive drug and medication. Pharmakolajikyali, the major psychoactive component of cannabis plants and 483 seats in tetrahaidrokyanabinala tieicasi known compounds 1, there are also 84 other kyanabinoyedsa as kyanabidiola (sibidi), kyanabinala (CBN), tetrahaidrokyanabibharina (tieicasibhi), and kyanabigero (sibiji).
Physiological and psychoactive effects of marijuana often is used for additional or mood of euphoria, relaxation, and increased appetite returns. Possible side effects include short-term memory loss, mukhagahbare dryness, behave as inexperienced, being red eyes, and the feeling of paranoia or anxiety.index

sales are currently illegal in most countries in the world. The United Nations is the world’s most commonly used illicit drug considered. therapy refers to the use of marijuana plants, which are already in Canada, Belgium, Australia, the Netherlands,, including T, and the United States took place in 3 states.


Psychoactive and physiological effects of cannabis
Cannabis has a psychoactive and physiological effect. Immediate ingestion of cannabis include relaxation and mild eclampsia, high or stomach feelings, some immediate side effects include short-term memory reduction, mouth dryness, inexperience, eyes red, etc. Along with feeling and mood and psychological changes, the most common short-term physical and nervous effects include increased heart rate, increased appetite and taking extra food, low blood pressure, short-term and deterioration of work strata, mental coordination and concentration.


Dry flowers of cannabis
Marijuana means dried flowers and females, which mean tender leaves and pulp of cannabis. It is the most common type of cannula in which the amount of TCHC is 3% -20% plus the highest 33% is available in the various types of HHC and so. Also, the production of cannabis is produced by mixing different varieties, where TCHC is 1% and hence it is Unusual use of recreational.


O’Keefe trikahoma rica especie de polvo, que puede ser recogido de las flores y las hojas de la planta de cannabis, y el polvo se procesa para la producción de drogas o tortas hayakipha hyasisa palabra árabe habitual كيف KEF / KIF viene, significado se refiere al placer o satisfacción.


Hashish, Hashisha, which is known only as hash One type of concentrated resin cake or ball is special, which is produced from chaffs from cannula flowers and leaves, with trichoom emitted from the leaves and well-ingredied kiffs. It is eaten or drunk as smoke.




Hash oil
Hash oil is available through solvent extract from the cannabis plant.


There is a variety of types of cannabis applied to non-soluble solvents.


The benefits of using cannabis like amounts
If he is addicted to fermentation or if he is in excess of excessive addiction, he can bring disaster in life. However, researchers say there is also a lot of benefits if you are consuming as a marijuana medication.
Reduce epilepsy
Researchers at the University of Virginia’s Commonwealth University in the United States said in 2013, if marijuana or marijuana take a certain degree, it is possible to stay away from the epilepsy or some of these types of nerves. Their research has been printed on the journal Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics in the Journal of Science.
Helps keep away glaucoma
The National Institute of the American said, marijuana reduces the risk of glaucoma. Glaucoma eye is a disease called constant blindness.
The enemy of Alzheimer’s
A report published in The Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease said that marijuana prevented brain migration rapidly. And this can reduce Alzheimer’s risk by marijuana. However, if marijuana is a ‘drug’, it will not only be a disease, but it is not a product of uncontrolled addiction.
Cancer prevention
The United States officially acknowledged this issue. The Cancer Cancer website, Cancer Cancer, in 2015, has been informed that marijuana plays a role in preventing tumor risk in many cases as a cancer preventor.
The loss of chemotherapy is less
The US Agency for Drug has said that marijuana cancer reduces the patient’s disease in another way. Cancer patients have to take chemotherapy at one point. Many side effects of chemotherapy. Marijuana reduces the side-effects of chemotherapy due to many side effects.
Reduces the risk of stroke
This is the UK’s University of Nottingham researcher’s innovation. They researched that marijuana helps in keeping the brain healthy. As a result, the risk of stroke decreased.
Multiple sclerosis
When a specific layer of human nervous system is damaged, multiple sclerosis or MS is a type of nervous system. Treating marijuana according to the doctor’s advice reduces the risk of this disease.
Pain prevention
If diabetes takes extreme forms, patients often have irritation, pain, pain, and other parts of the body. Researchers at the University of California say that Canababis is able to relieve the pain.
Reduces the side effects of hepatitis C
Marijuana reduces the side effects of hepatitis C. By taking cannabis like certain medicines, it has been found that 86 percent of the patients with this disease have had very little side effect.
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The bad sides of cannabis
There are bad side effects of cannabis or cannabis. The marijuana instant creates some problems. For example, cognition, throat drying, mental illness and instability, head rotation and increased heartbeat vigor. But its prolonged mood is more deadly. If you play five cigarettes that will be harmed then it will be the same damage that you eat. Different types of cancer, heart disease, hypertension etc are inevitable if you use cannabis. Carnation is harmful chemicals in the body for seven to ten days and this addiction can add you to a short time.