Seventy years ago, our ancestors built a new nation on this continent. The nation that is dedicated to the principle of liberated freedom and all people equal in this principle. Now we are involved in a great civil war. Through the war we are examining whether this nation or any other nation dedicated to this policy can survive for a long time. We met on a great day of war. We are here to sacrifice a part of one of the last refuge of those who have sacrificed life here so that this nation can survive. Performing this task is absolutely appropriate and appropriate for us. But considering the biggest perspective, we can not dedicate, purify or glorify this land. Those living and dead people have fought here, they have purified this land. It is our power to increase the decrease of sanctity. What we say here, the world will look at it very little or it will not be remembered for a long time. But the activities of their heroic children will never be forgotten. But, for those who are alive to complete their unfinished work, we should be devoted. We should increase our dedication by seeing these honorable dead people, who gave extreme value to their devotion. Here today we will take a firm determination that their livelihood fails; As such, this nation is the new born of independence of the people, and the people’s government, the people governed by the people, and the government for the people should never be extinct from the earth.