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Although it is astonishingly true, some people have become very famous in the history of the world even though they have been stolen. This is my post about some people. They are curious and amusing by theft of some of them on the pages of history.

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Who was the right hand of gold:
Like the other Russian girls, Sanka and everyone had the same. But behind this good man, he used to steal a nice one after another, he is very efficiently. This woman, known as the Sannaka The Golden Hand, stole many precious stones. They used to walk through monkeys and sometimes hidden pockets or cloths. Sanka was always keeping his nails long. He carried under the nails to steal many precious stones. However, Stark is one of the most fictitious stolen Jewel Stolen Rejected Princes. He had stolen a jewelery shop. Going to the store, he is wearing a lot of costly jewelery, then told the shopkeeper to bring them to his house. He will pay the money there. She had her husband at home. Who is a doctor in the profession He paid the whole money. Going out of the shop, she went to the doctor’s chamber, told Sanka and the doctor that her husband would bring some jewelry soon after. He is seriously ill and he wants to buy and sell jewelry. The doctor should fill her with madness. To pay for the treatment of her husband, Sanka doctor also paid. In time, the shopkeeper came with jewelery. She takes her to the doctor, her snake. If the shopkeeper wants money with jewelery, then the doctor makes him mentally ill for the hospital. The whole matter comes before everyone’s eyes and the truth is revealed many days later. However, there was no one else at all.
Vinceenzo Pipino
Robin Hood had a similarity with this famous thief in Italy. Pippino lived very well in his own city. He used to keep an eye on his work by not doing any harm to the city. Pippinor was born in Venice. He did his job very well. Never do any dirty somewhere. It is said to steal a sugar bowl, but he did not leave any of the sugar in the floor or outside the house, so that the house would not be spoiled. Pipino only steals the wealthy people in the house. He did not steal anything that would pressure the poor. Pipino could have left such a broken or repaired thing all the time. So that the repairer’s money could not be killed. He did not like any kind of murder. He always used to avoid blackmail or cry. He liked to keep his country’s assets inside his own country. If he stole the picture of his country, he would have sold it to anyone or to whom he had stolen, he would have returned the money in exchange for money. However, Pippino’s most notable theft was on 9th October 1991. On that day he entered the dais with some tourists, and disappeared behind all in a prison. Later, at the time of the change of guard during the night watch, Madonna Kole Bambino stealthily came out of the wall and stole it from the wall.
Vinceenzo Perugia:
The name of a thief on the history page would have been less if Perugia did this steal on that day. Since 1911 it is Perugia has left the job of Louvre for many days. Nevertheless, the clothing of the Louvre staff was left to him. And try to steal the extreme using it. This Italian man. The next day was the day of the closure of Luwer. That’s how he went into the museum the previous day. All the lanes were known to her. And there was no problem hiding it. In a quiet place where he could not find someone from Perugia. And the next day he left the place and came to the room of his intended photo. And that was the house of the famous Leo Nardo de Vinci painted Monalisa. Seeing no one around, he removed the picture by tricking the Perugia and hid behind his clothes. Until then it was all right. The time to stop the hazard Forget that the outer door of Perugia was closed. At the time of the forehead, a lead worker was passing by the side. He opened the door and helped to get out of Peruvian garment dressed in the garrison. That’s right! Very easy to steal in this way, Perugia became famous Mona Lisa’s picture and became a famous thief in history.

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