According to Islam, Mahara or Mohar is the bride’s demand or money which is to be given to the bride on behalf of the groom or groom’s bride during marriage. It is obligatory to provide Throughout the marriage, legal marriage is legalized. And this is the right of the person and the full right, and the meaning of this Mahmood or Dhammahr is to be spent solely on the desire of a bride, no interference will be made on this meaning. In ancient Arabia, dowry was introduced, but after receiving Prophethood, Muhammad (pbuh) banned the practice of dowry under the orders of Allah Ta’ala and started the process of danmahr. There is no limit on the limits of Islam. According to the opinion of the silver or the silver traded in the lowest amount of eighteen, the equivalent amount or wealth can be given as a dowry according to his consent. It has been asked to earn the right without leaving the seal so that the conveyance of the bride is confirmed. Marriage is a social tie Islam has arranged marriage for men and women in marriage for a beautiful and holy life. But nowadamahara tradition of this sacred relationship nowadays
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The bride’s right, and it is compulsory for the groom, and that’s why when we discuss the matter with the Great at the wedding home, then let us decide on this matter with the bride and groom’s opinion. Another thing to keep in mind is that here’s how the groom’s income source or groom
How much you can give.