Isaac digs the well, falsely imagines in a Bible parable
Isaac was the Hebrew Bible and according to the Qur’an, Ibrahim’s second son and his wife Sarah’s first and only son, and the ancestors of Jacob Jacob and Jeshua. According to Genesis, when Ibrahim was 100 and Sarah more than 90, then Isaac was born. Ehsak was one of three Israelite chieftains. Isaac is the only clan of the biblical name whose name has not changed and who did not go out of the kingdom of Canaan. Less than mentioned in the Bible, the events of Isaac’s life are mentioned less than Ibrahim and Yaqub. He passed away at the age of 180, due to which he was the longest surviving of these three. In the English language, the name Isaac comes from the Hebrew Yiṣḥāq, which literally means that he laughs or laughs. In the 13th century BC, the book of Eugetti has been referred to God’s laughter. Although it is not mentioned in the book of Genesis, but as Isaac’s father’s smile. According to the Bible narrative, when God told him to give him a son, he lowered his head. He smiled because at that time both of them were very old and Sarah’s child-bearing power had passed away long ago. Father of the house Abraham had been prophesied earlier that he would have a son and named him Isaac. Abraham was born in the womb of his first wife, Sarah, when Abraham was a hundred years old. Abraham’s second son, rather Sarah’s first and only son, was circumcised on the eighth day of the eighth birth, as was the order for all the men of Abraham’s family.


At one of the young age, Abraham took him to the Marwah Hill. According to God’s command, he built an altar of sacrifice, ebongi son was ready to sacrifice Isaac. Abraham took out a knife and was ready to sacrifice, but at the last moment an angel of God tied him. Instead, he was ordered to sacrifice a sheep standing in the nearby bush. That event is actually not a true human sacrifice to test Abraham’s faith.


The birth of Esau and Jacob, the paintings of Benjamin West
When Isaac was 40 years old, the stoogeer Elijah was sent to Mesopotamia to find his wife in his nephew Baitul’s family. Elijah loved Aramean Rebekah for Isaac. After many years of marriage to Isaac, Rebecca had no children, so she was thought to be barren. Isaac prays for Rebecca and she is pregnant. Rebecca gave birth to twins Esau and Jacob. When Isaac was born at the age of 60, his two sons were born. He is unique among the group, and he has no companions. After the death of his father, 75-year-old Bir-Lahi-Rei (well) came to the house. When the famine started there, he went to Palestine. Where his father used to live sometime. King Abimelech of Abraam was ruling there.


Isaac blesses his son, in Joto da Bagoon
Isaac became blind in his old age. He said to bring his son Esau to the deer’s meat, when Esau takes his father’s blessing in such a way, Jacob gets the blessing of his father, so Jacob becomes the chief successor and Esau comes to an inferior position.


Ibrahimi mosque
The Ibrahimi mosque is known to many as the cave of two tombs, the cave of the Petrarcha or Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi. It is the Old Hebron or al-Khalil, the quadrangle of the earthquake in Hebron, in the center of the city. The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) bought this cave and the adjoining fields for burial according to the Torah and the folklore related to the Qur’an. According to local custom, Isaac, Rebekah, Abraham, Sarah, Jakab and Leah were buried in this cave.


Isaac blesses Jacob
According to the Jewish viewpoint or rabbis tradition, Isaac was 37 years old, in contrast with the description of the current childhood of Isaac. Rabira also believed that the news of the events of sacrifice was the reason for Sarah’s death.
This sandal of Isaac was later referred to as an apology for God in the Judaic Judgment. The following explanation of Biblical analysis is often described as the role of Isaac beyond the description of the Bible and the Baldin chief of Abhahman, which is said to be Akida. According to a version of this interpretation, Isaac died in Sacrifice and was resurrected. According to many legend stories, Satan is against God This tradition is based on Genesis 24, chapter 63. Either the only cleric who did not leave anywhere in Canaan even though he once tried, but God did not tell him to do so. The tradition of Rabbi explains that Isaac is almost sacrificed and that whatever sacrifices he makes, it can not leave the land of Israel. Isaac was the oldest of the biblical group at the time of his death, and only the patriarch, whose name had not been changed. Describing the blindness of Isaac and the tears of the angels as the Bible, Isaac’s eyes appeared in the tears of the angels during his sacrificial death.


After sacrificing, Isaac embraced his father, at the beginning of 1900, Bible Illustrations
The early Christian churches continued and developed this theme of the New Testament that Isaac also in one sense was Christ and Church Hall, the Son on the Promise and Father of the Faithful, both of them. Carrying wood for the sacrifice of the Taratulian Isaac and conveying the cross in the cross of Christ . And it was a common treaty that when all the old laws of self-sacrifice were over the place of Jesus’ crucifixion According to the New Testament, Isaac’s father Abraham dedicated him and Isaac blessed his sons with inheritance. Pala Ismail was a symbol of slavery, as was the case with Isaac and the other Orthodox churches in the Roman Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church. Cancellation of Isaac’s Christian Freedom Especially highlighted the importance of ratika hagara greatness was associated with the Sinai covenant. And Sarah was involved, in which his son Isaac entered. In chapter 2, verse 21-24 of James, it has been said that both faith and work are needed for the sacrifice of Isaac. God’s will is an example of faith in the sacrifice of the son of Abraamah in the future. God blesses Esau and Jacob with the promised references to God in the future Isaac’s verse. The writer at the verse 19 looks similar to the resurrection of Jesus to see the release of Isaac from such sacrifice. Isaac’s sacrifice was conceived on the eve of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.


In Islam, Isaac was a prophet and original father of Islam and the messenger sent by Allah. He is considered to be a prophet in Islam and is described as the father of the Israelites and a godly servant of God. Isaac and Ismail are very important to the Muslims because they continued to preach the message of monotheism after Ibrahim. Isaac’s next descendant Jacob is also revered as the prophet of Islam. In the Quran, the name of Isaac has been mentioned 15 times with the name of his father and son. Quraan has received the good news of Abraham, a prophet, he is from among the righteous, and God blesses both of them. In a full story, when the angel came to Ibrahim to inform him of the future punishment on Sodom and Gomorrah, his wife Sarah, and I gave him the good news of Isaac’s birth, and the next Jacob of Isaac, and it is further explained that this event was related to Abraham Sarah will be run despite her old age. Several verses tell to Abraham as a gift to Abraham. It is later described in the Qur’an, that Ibrahim praised God for giving him Ishmael and Isaac during his old age. In the Qur’an there is a prophet and Ishq as a righteous man of God. Ishaq and Ya’qub, were entrusted to Ibrahim as God’s gift, who then worshiped God only in the way of Allah.
We gave him Isaac and rewarded him as a reward and Jacob, and we each made good deeds. I made them leaders. They used to guide us according to Our command. We inspired them to do good deeds, establish prayer and pay zakah. They were occupying my worship.
– Surah Al-Anbiya, 72 – 73.
I gave him good news of Isaac, he is a prophet from among the righteous.
-Sasra As-Safafat, 112

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