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Cikunaguniya next to each other will come forward, civilians suspected Chikungunya is a type of infection caused by viruses. The main way is to control mosquitoes and hang the mosquito before sleeping. This virus Usually, symptoms of 72-97% occur.

The disease usually starts with sudden high fever, joint pain, and rash. Rashes can occur at the beginning of the disease, but sometimes two to three days after the disease starts, the rash appears when the fever decreases. Other symptoms include headache, fatigue, stomach, photophobia or problems in light, conjunctivitis. Chikungunya Virus is a RNA virus comprised of AlfaVirus group of Togoviridae family. It is a member of Semiliki Forest Virus Complex and closely related to the Ross River virus, the Korean Virus and Semoliki Forest virus. As it spreads through arthropods such as mosquitoes, it is also called arabovirus.

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How has Chikungunya been identified?
Virus detection, RT-PCR, serology is detected in the laboratory virus.
There is no such vaccine that can be effective against this disease. However, to stay away from the disease, mosquito control and sleep during the sleep while sleeping. Long-handed shirt and trouser afterwards. One can not take water around the house, etc. The prevention measures can be taken.

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Only the mosquito mosquito bites day by day. They like to bite more than one person at a time. Once the blood is eaten, it is necessary for three days before the laying of eggs. Their eggs can survive in water for one year. Extra cold water is also sufficient for egg spraying. Adice mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water so that the water in the bucket, flower tub, Not everyone can be careful about it.

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And research institute IEDCR. This research center is definitely suspected Chikungunya virus is detected through tests sambhabatini seloraji virus also spreads through Aedes mosquito. Acute pain of bone joint is the only unique symptom of this disease. With burning eyes, headaches, nausea, physical weakness, sardikasi, etc. acheibesirabhaga cases, the fever resolves within three to four days. However, the pain of the bone joint can take the form of obstruction. The intensity of pain is too fierce. As a result, the normal walking of the patient, holding hands with some hands and even holding hands is a lot of trouble. Dr. Kamrul Hassan said that the body was weak and weak.
What is chikungunya virus? Chikungunya Virus Togo Virus Virus Virus. It is also known as Arbo Virus due to its mosquito. Dengue and zicotic viruses and spread through the same mosquito and the symptoms of almost the same diseases are seen.

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Symptoms of the disease
1) Suddenly there is a faint knee joint pain with a fever. Among other signs
2) Heavy Headache
3) Cold feeling in the body (Chill)
4) nausea or vomiting
5) Skin rash on skin
6) Muscle Pain
There is no special medicine or vaccine for this disease. You can eat paracetamol every six hours or three during the day. However, to be eaten without any medicines your doctor does not do any good naayantibayotika falling. Detailed information has been published. Chikunga Near fever caused by a virus infection, which is transmitted through mosquito bites man from the people. This disease spreads through the bites of the adhesive mosquito mosquito like Dengue and Jika. The disease was first seen in Africa in 1952. The Asian countries, such as India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar and Indonesia yayabanladese seen the spread of the virus in the first 008 Nawabganj, Rajshahi and Chapai prardubhaba be seen. Later in 2011 this disease was seen in Dohar upazila of Dhaka.

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Aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes elabopikatasa Ades Aedes aegypti The disease spreads Ades. or spread through Aedes mosquito bites ijiptai ayalabupiktasa. This type of mosquito usually bites at dawn or in the evening. Nor suspected Chikungunya virus if infected blood donors and laboratory samples taken during the asabadhanataya the disease could spread.

We must always keep in mind that our personal awareness is the main way of preventing chikungunya virus infection. The best way to get rid of chick bite is to protect against bites. And so most parts of the body should be covered, such as wearing flower shirt shirts and flowers, wearing a net on the window, without needing to open the doors window, using mosquito during sleep, and using mosquito resistant cream in the body to survive mosquito bites. Special attention should be given to children, sick patients and the elderly.

The mosquito reproductive areas of habitat and surrounding areas will be destroyed. Edis mosquitoes can breed in places where water can be filled in the soil, pottery, bucket, drum, open pit, etc., which are left around the house. Keeping in mind that these places can not get water and clean it regularly around the house. Participate in the mosquito-eradication program of the government. Since this mosquito affects the infected people of the infected person, so the affected person can not bite the mosquito.

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