Donald Trump was absent in a meeting of leaders on Saturday for the second day of the G-20 conference in Germany.

At that time Trump was sitting in a bilateral meeting with the Indonesian leader. And instead of Evanca sit in that meeting.

The BBC’s correspondent says that he does not seem to have experienced such events before. Although Evanaka Trump is in the office of her father’s advisor, but usually the President’s absence takes place in his place, the Foreign Minister or any other senior official

There has been a storm of criticism and criticism of social media in this incident.

Shortly after the meeting began, the trump returned and British Prime Minister Terza Mee and Chinese President Xi Jinping took their seat.

In this meeting, when Trump was absent, there was a discussion on African immigrants and health, and Ivanova Trump did not play any role in the discussion of leaders in this regard.

A Russian official present at the meeting posted on Twitter the picture of Ivan sitting on Trump’s seat. However, he took the picture away.

Many have criticized social media, saying that Miss Ivanaka is not an elected person, like a fashion brand owner like him, at a high level diplomatic meeting, he has expressed his anger.

Source: BBC