Rugammation is meant to be a sexual response cycle or sexual reaction; sudden irritability of accumulated sexual tension in the cycle. In the meantime, rhythmic contractions of the muscles in the pelvic region of the body and both men hayanari felt extreme yaunasukha orgasm occurs. Rheumatoid arthritis is controlled by the body’s auto nervous system. Various other actions may occur during orgasm in humans, such as involuntary contraction of the muscles of the body in some places, in general pleasant feeling, repeated movements of the body or the face of various types of electrical movement and origin of the word. Orgasm the next time (it is called riphryaktari period), which is the main cause aksitosina a dull situation, and endoraphinasa the niuroharamonera prolyaktina emissions.
May be through any other sexual activity.
The body reaction of the rugs is very extensive. Big Such enaragajamiya. They affect orgasm cultural point of view, such as frequency of orgasms and sexual pleasure and orgasm on the belief that the most important or irrelevant jaibabijnanika and evolutionary theories.
There are fewer studies than people’s anger against humans, which are different from other animals, but research is ongoing in this regard.

Through the melodious contractions of muscles Ehe extreme yaunasukha is felt. The definitions of rage are different. Ragamocanake how to properly define any provision of this review in the Journal of Psychology anupasthitaklinikala orgasm at least 6 refers to the definition.
There are some debates about whether some specific sexual feelings should be classed in the class of rage. There is no word in mind. However, in both sexes, this feeling is very satisfactory and often felt in all bodies. This creates a mental condition, which is often described as anatomical or mystical. For example, modern studies have found that there is a difference between semen and male rage. So both of them have different opinions about whether these feelings are classified as regression.