God’s Cedar is the remnant of Lebanon’s Cedar forest, which once expanded across the Lebanon Mountains. And he has taken wood from wood, Finnish, Israeli, and Egyptian, Asherian, Bablonan, Persia, Roman and Turkish populations.

Ripe cider fruit on the tree

Lebanon mountains that were once shadows in thick cedar forests. Cedar tree is the symbol of the country. But if the forest continues to flow continuously in the centuries, this forest will disappear. People can hear that once a battle between the semi-God and human beings is beautiful in this divine forest surrounded by Cedar near South Mesopotamia. And at one time this forest was protected by the Sumerian God Anne. Before the arrival of people 4700 years ago, there was a complete forest in the trees in the trees. The protector of the forest took away the victory by defeating the gods. It is also mentioned in the story that Gilgamams used cedar wood to build their own city.


The raw cedar fruit on the tree

Over the centuries, Finnish, Egyptian, Asharis, Babylonians, and Persians, Romanians, Israelis and Turks have been taking wood from jungle. The Finnish people used cedar wood to build their business. They needed wood for the ship and Cedar wood was known to them as the first marine business nation. The Egyptians used Cedar Resin to mock. According to the Bible, Solomon gathered cedar logs to build a temple in Jerusalem. Emperor Hadrian called this forest as a royal territory and suspended the timber from there for a temporary period.