cat 1

Cats are mammals belonging to the Sapapad class, and they call this domesticated animal as a cat. Their temperament is characterized by irrigation and shock type. Their main work is to keep up with the people and curry kept in the home kitchen

They steal fish and steal milk. They also like to eat various types of insect spiders and rodents. Cat is known as domestic animals for at least 10000 years, and is currently one of the most popular domestic animals in the world. Due to deep affection with the people, the cat is found almost everywhere in the world. They are very comfortable animals. In the current folklore, the cat is called a Tiger Aunt in Bangladesh. Their punk apex, the sight is sharper than the human. Because they are nocturnal, they look less than night than night. And look a little more at night.

cat 2cat 3

Forest cat

cat 4

Wild cats

cat 5

Meat cats or mecha tigers


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