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A few months ago I downloaded Captain Abu Raed from Jordan in 2007. I heard from Ekjena on a Facebook page, about this movie. Downloaded it because I was busy watching different TV series. I felt lazy and did not see it. The decision was good. I would rather be deprived of seeing an extraordinary movie. The film’s director Amin Matalka has made a very simple one. No film has been made in Jordan for almost 50 years. After 50 years Jordan has presented a wonderful movie to visitors. Apurba has received many awards in various film societies, including Sundance Film Festival, Heartland Film Festival, and Dubai International Film Festival. This movie was also shown on the 2008 Jerusalem International Film Festival.

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An elderly man named Abu Rayid, who lost his wife, lives in a small house. There is no one else with him. She works as a cleaning agent in Jordan Airport. The small children around his house came to hear stories from him. She tells them that she is the pilot of the plane. Murad says a boy, he does not believe that Abu Rayed is a pilot. In this way the events continue to advance. This elder Abu Raidi, who will play a big role in Murad’s life, has been shown very well in this movie. When will we make such a movie?

See who you have not seen. I promise, do not despair. I’m 9/10.