I saw the 2008 movie in 2017. Have you delayed too much? Yes! Of course, the movie was amazing! I’m Mamma Mia! I’m talking about the movie. Enjoy a wonderful musical romantic comedy. After a long time I saw a fun movie. The way the TV series is going to be seen, the movies are going down. But hope this will not happen again. The proof of this can be $ 609 million by making a $ 52 million picture of this Mamma Mia! Muvi The whole movie is full of ABBA songs. Together with the story of the movie, ABBA’s songs have been composed. Those who have seen this film directed by the British director Phyllida Lloyd, they really liked them and they did not see them. A picture to look at the family.vedio link  ABBA Mamma Mia in 1975! The name of a song by which the puppy responds. The movie was named after that name. The film that can be worse than those of Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård and Amanda Seyfried have such great artists! Meryl Streep’s grandmother was watching. After a year, he was surprised by the spectacular performance of the movie, year after year. Regrettably! I should have seen this picture long ago. Stay there! I saw it.

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I always talk about the soundtrack of the movie because the soundtracks of various composers are my favorite. But today I will not talk about soundtrack because all songs in the movie are ABBA songs and ABBA is my favorite band. I will talk today about the film’s production design. Most of the images were captured in the Scopales Island of Greece. Production designers have been able to organize production very beautifully.

I will give this movie 10th to 9.5 ..