Dear brothers and sisters who are reading this writing, I welcome all of you to Jewel Ihlam. Today’s 1st episode of the Blogger Theme Customization series is not only known to those who are not yet familiar with In this post I discussed the history and limitations of Blogger dot com’s history and usage of this platform. In this post as a bonus, you will see some rare pictures of Blogger dot com.

What is blogger dot com?

Blogger [dot] is a free platform for creating websites, and Google is its host: Simple language means Google is its owner. This is a very friendly user platform. You can easily customize this by creating a website with your mind using this platform. But with blogger dot com you can basically create a subdomain that will be at the end of This means that the name of the blog that you open with the blog will be the name of the

History of


The blogger [dot] site started in 1999. Pira Laus, an American company, first created this platform. Then in 2003, Guigoll bought it from Pyra Labs. Since then, the care, upgradation and overall development of this site is fully regulated by Google. Currently there are around ten million bloggers dot com users around the world and around 1.5 million websites, that means flower domains, use this platform as content management system.

Advantages and limitations

Many free themes or templates: Blogger DOT decreases you will find 35 official themes or templates from Theme Options. You can choose one of these for your website. You can also download a free theme by installing “Free Blogger Template” in Google by downloading this theme and installing it on this platform.

Customized Theme or Template Editing: Blogger [dot] is a platform mainly made up of XML languages ​​that supports HTML, CSS, Java Script and Jquery. One of the great advantages of using this platform is the freedom to edit your own theme or templates, which you can do by going to the Theme option and clicking Edit HTML. If you want to develop a career in web development, then blogger [dot] less will be the ideal place for you to practice. Before going to a big platform like WordPress or Joomla, you can use HTML, CSS and Java Script to prolix your skills further.

Free Hosting: If you are buying a domain name and you do not want to spend the money on hosting the year, you can make free blogging to reduce your blogger dot. This hosting service is completely free and almost unlimited. This means that there is no problem with a specific bandwidth. And as soon as it is on Google’s server, the server will never be down due to the additional visitors.

15 GB disc space: Blogger dot is a product of Google’s own product, so all other Google products have disk space associated with your website. This means that all disk space in Gmail, Google Drive, Picasa and Google Photos will be used for the storage of your site’s images and posts.

Search Engine Friendly: Google’s own server is hosting bloggers dot com sites, so if you publish the post using Blogger, it will be indexed very quickly. This means that your site will soon come to Google’s search results. On this platform you get more custom 404 Page, Custom URL Redirects, Sitemap.xml, Custom robots.txt and Custom Robots Header Tags. You can also find direct search descriptions on the Post Edit page.

Many languages ​​support: Blogger dt supports about 60 languages ​​less. If you want to publish your writing in Bangla, go to the Settings option and select Language and Formatting and select Bangla Language.

100 Authors Support: If you want to write or admin on your website as well as anyone else by yourself, then you can invite maximum 100 people by reducing the number of bloggers [dot].

Blogger [dot] has fewer limitations to use less. The following points are discussed below:

  1. Blogger is a very limited platform for building website as compared to WordPress. This platform is originally intended for blogging, so if you want to create a professional or business website, using WordPress will be the most intelligent task, because in WordPress you will find hundreds of features, plugins and customization options compared to Blogger.
    1. Blogger does not have any database on your own, so you will not get any features like WordPress user registration.

      3. If you post using Blogger platform, the post URL will be created in the archive format and the end will be .html. For example: xyz [.] Blogspot [.] Com / 2017/07 / how-to-edit-blogger-post.html. If you want a dynamic post URL like WordPress, you will never be able to blogger.

      4. All your posts in Blogger will be stored on Google’s servers, so for some reason if your site closes Google, then there will be a possibility of losing all posts.

      Some pictures of Blogger from the web archive

      Take a look at the pictures below how blogger dot com has changed over time.

      Blogger dot com’s home page of 1999   AAAA2.png

Blogger dot com’s home page of 2003


The blogger dot com’s home page of 2006


The blogger dot com’s home page of 2011


The blogger dot com’s home page of 2013


The blogger dot com’s home page of 2016