Tajuddin Ahmed, sitting in the meeting with World Bank President Robert McNamara, in 1972. After the initial discussion, when Macmanara, Tajuddin Ahmed and Sirajuddin sat down for detailed discussions, MacNamara asked where the help needed for Bangladesh.
Tajuddin Ahmad said, ‘I doubt whether you can give us what we need.’
MacNamara said, ‘Mr. Minster, you tell us to try.’
Then Tajuddin said, ‘Mr. McNamara, I need cows and ropes. The cow lost all during the war. He’s gone, he’s dead. Pakistan has imposed war, the farmers fled the countryside, the cow lost. Now the war is over, the farmer has returned but there is no cow, so how will he cultivate? So our priority demand is cow. ”
McNamara’s eyes and face are red.
Tajuddin Ahmad said, ‘All our ropes have been destroyed by Pakistanis, and now there is a need for a cow to get cow if we get cow. Cows and ropes are needed very soon, otherwise the land will not be cultivated in the future. ‘
At the end of the meeting uncomfortable when Tajuddin Ahmed was asked, why did you do this.
He said, ‘Why, what is cows without cows?’
He said, “This man was the Defense Secretary of America, America wanted to destroy our Liberation War. We’ve sabotaged. Finally the seventh fleet sent us to destroy us. And I will help him? ‘
Happy Birthday The Notorious One.
Happy Birthday Tajuddin Ahmed
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