Pregnant mothers have some caution after receiving the baby after pregnancy. However, those who are the first mothers will know a lot. You know the first pregnancy is the most likely to have a miscarriage or abortion. And especially in most cases outside of physical complexity, this happens only because of inexperience. So please let all pregnant mothers know that you have to avoid some food to avoid hazardous or accidental abortion. According to our knowledge, barley has a lot of quality, but on condition of this, barley can play a role in the first pregnancy. The first three months of all pregnant mothers must be avoided eating raw papaya boiled, cooking papaya or papaya chestnut or raw papaya. Even after papaya play can lead to bleeding, even if there is no abortion, and then pregnant mothers do not have to eat raw papaya.

Untreated milk can not be taken healthily, but most of the bacteria or viruses are spread through milk. Before eating, milk should be boiled well. Especially during pregnancy, untreated milk can cause up to an abortion or cause accidents. In pregnancy, pregnant mothers should not eat crab or shrimp fish and shelled cuisine at all. Such foods are at risk of having the highest allergy. Therefore, it is important to take these foods.

There are many people who like to eat raw eggs, those who have this habit should certainly be extracted as soon as they are pregnant. Especially in the case of egg huffbell or egg poultry, there are many areas of danger. Egg can be boiled or fried. It is never good to eat processed meat. Cancer can also be called this meal. Avoid so completely during pregnancy.

To keep the body healthy, green vegetables, such as eating vegetables, it can be mixed with spinach, vegetables, and vegetables. Before cooking, it is to be cleaned after cleansing of vegetables, vegetables. In particular, the kind of vegetables eat raw, such as tomato, cucumber, Onions, carrots, cinnamon, lemons etc., they must be washed thoroughly before eating. Pineapples can cause the most risk during pregnancy. In the first three months, pineapple and pineapple juice are more likely to increase the risk of miscarriage. The study found that diarrhea or allergy is more common in pregnant women than pineapple.