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In the recent floods in 10 northern districts of the country, loss of livelihood has been estimated to be worth about 360 million rupees.

Although the amount of damage will be higher, it does not even want to know the exact information. However, the Department of Life Assurances acknowledged

According to this flood, about 8,332 animals and poultry, poultry have died. 2 thousand 513 metric tons of food grains have been damaged. Agriculture of 5,590 acres has been flooded. 147 cattle and poultry farms have emerged. About 43 lakh animals and poultry farms are damaged in the country. Among the affected animals, 7 lakh 79 thousand 166 cows and 53 thousand 637 buffaloes, 2,37,376 goats and 1 9, 902 sheep, 24 lakhs, 32 thousand 618 poultry and 6 lakh 47 thousand 496 duck.

The worst affected districts in the floods are Sirajganj, Gaibandha, Kurigram and Jamalpur.