Zion of Arc, the leader of a fierce warrior and fairytale leader of subcontinent France. During the centenary war with the English, he led the French army. Many memorials have been built in France in memory of him. He was born in 1412 in a common farmer family of Dementi, on the banks of the River Moose. France was then ruled by the English. Sixth Henry’s son Henry’s King Henry’s King escaped the throne of France after King Charles VII of France escaped.


The zones did not know about education. At the age of only 13, he heard the prophecies while feeding the sheep, that he must play a key role in restoring the motherland’s independence and restoring the real king of France to power. After that, his life changed radically. After that, the zone met with the fugitive king of France, Seventh Charles, and prayed to the soldiers to recover the country’s independence. The king initially expressed his displeasure, but the priests agreed to the army in the advice of the community. After wearing a white horse, a white horse entered the besieged city of Orlando on April 28, 1429, with 4000 soldiers carrying a five-armed sword. They won the first attack and then they came to success one after another. Within a short time, they rescued the Turel Bourgeois city from the rage of English soldiers. Then the English were defeated by them in the Battle of Paat. In June, Zone captured the enemy’s enemy with his troops and captured Rieen’s land. Then on July 16th the seventh Charles was crowned king of France again, and in this way, Zion gave France the path to freedom. Through France, France ended the centenary war between England.


After the independence of France, the English continued to plot various schemes for seizing zones. During the attack on enemy forces in the outskirts of Kampianyan city, the English managed to capture the zones with the chance of betraying bargaini workers in the political party of France. Then, under an English cleric, his trial went on. He was deenized by judging his activities as a protest against the prevailing religion. The law of punishment in the law was burnt alive. According to that judgment, John was burned alive in 1431 CE. After his brutal assassination, the French tried to permanently remove all rights and marks of the English in France. One of the inspirations for the Zone of the Arc in Earth’s history.