If someone makes a god, then his human error also does not seem to be wrong. Again, the devil did not even notice his good looks.

The situation of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has been very much like this. I read the two sides of his opponents. One party made him the perfect goddess another team made to meet the devil. But the truth is probably between the middle of these two parties, a man Sheikh Mujibur Rahman


A man has many identities. When you consider someone, it will be decided by all the analyzes. The day you want to give Prime Minister Mujib less than 10, but his role in the British liberation movement will be 10th in 10th. In the election-time movement of the United Front, and if he did not give 10 to 10 in the fight against authoritarian rule of Pakistan, then you are either ignorant or liar. In this way, we can see a patriotic man by evaluating him from different perspectives such as Mujib, Muslim nationalist activist, leader of the fair rights movement of Bangladeshis etc.


The tragedy that happened in the month of August also goes into business. Many meetings are being organized. I do not see signs of grief, anyone’s face or work. Mike “and my country’s favorite country of birth” type playing songs of joy, next to the bhoori banquet is being organized, everyone is chatting, a celebration of festival festivals. And a group of ridiculously ridiculous Shi’ah like “Hai Mujib”, “Haa Mujib”, Awami Tazia procession came out [though no blood was found out]. What a shocking sensation !!

We will seek forgiveness for his mistakes and we will receive praise and encouragement for good and courageous deeds. But not Somehow, the desire to be loved by someone who wants to be cut off by cutting some cash or by cutting cakes by boasting. As long as the Bengali Muslims remain independent, there will be Mujib’s name. Whether Awami League is in power or not.


Prior to reading ‘unfinished autobiography’ she did not have much respect for [for all these activities]. After a lot of changes have changed …

If there is genuine respect, in the month of August, Maya does not cry, she has a little bit of this biography. A breathtaking people in the middle of the deity and Satan invented Sheikh Mujib. And then the failure to deal with the broker and the Toshamod classes in running the country as a human would not be impossible. Rather, we must move forward in learning from that mistake.