More than a thousand people were killed in recent violence in Myanmar. Among them, the number of Rohingya Muslims is highest. No, it is not ours. The UN Special Representative of the United Nations, Yanhhai Li, told the news agency AFP. Iyenghi Li has highlighted the recent situation in Myanmar. Myanmar UN Human Rights Special Representative Yanhhai Li said the number of deaths has now crossed 1,000. He also notes that people on both sides have died. But Rohingyas are among the dead.

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The child killed his mother in front of Usman
Uthman, a six-year-old Rohingya child, says he has killed his mother in front of his eyes in front of Myanmar’s army. Jesus Usman still does not know his father’s search. After 10 days of walking with Nani, he is walking through the border of Uthman in Bangladesh. The present people have taken shelter in a refugee camp in Teknaf. On the other hand, the number of rioting and torture in Myanmar’s Rakhine state is growing as much as in the Chittagong Medical College. So far, more than 70 Rohingyas, including children, women and old people, have been admitted in critical condition. Doctors, while struggling to provide services, are trying their best to look at the human perspective. The bullet-hit Rohingya children, Jonade, have been tired of the excitement of his head, and one time has fallen asleep. Thankfully Jonad and his father are alive, but now uncertain future in front of them. On the one side of the bed in the bed of light, elder father Mahmud Nabi is sitting in the eye with fear and horror. Although he can save Zunaid, he does not know that the other 7 children left behind in the country’s military torture have survived or they have died. And how much blood should the people of Mian Marr’s army name the blood of the blood of the people, please, please stop this killing and torture.