International public prosecutor blamed the country’s government for genocide and torture on Rohingyas in Myanmar. The verdict was pronounced in a crowded court at the auditorium of the University of Malaya on Friday, according to eyewitness inspection, various documentary documents and testimonies. The tribunal chief justice Daniel Feuerstein announced the verdict after five days of hearing in the University Malaya Legal Faculty Moot Court.

President of the Judge Panel, former President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars, Danielle Feuerstein, Others are – Juliah Ismail of Malaysia, Helen Jarvis of Cambodian lawmaker, former head of the law department of Sydney University of Sydney, Jill H. Boeringinger, Indonesia’s human rights advocate Nursiabani Katjasunkana, Iran’s human rights lawyer Sadie Sadar and current solicitor general of Italy Supreme Court of Cassation Nillon Racy.

Seven judges of the tribunal will read and share at least 30 pages long primary verdicts. Australian judge Jill H. Boeringinger recited the effective part of the verdict. In this unanimous decision 17 recommendations have been made. It urged international and regional organizations to impose sanctions on Myanmar and immediately impose sanctions on Myanmar, seized foreign bank accounts of people belonging to Myanmar’s official posts related to crimes against humanity, traveling outside Myanmar.

Gill H. Bowinger said violence against Muslims should be stopped. The United Nations Information Search Team must provide a visa and easy access to search in that region.

He also said that the Myanmar government must reform their constitution and the discriminatory laws against oppressed minority communities. These people have to give their rights and citizenship.