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After the United Nations fears that the Myanmar Rohingyas can get a new glimpse of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh government said they are expanding the opportunity of food and housing. On Friday, October 6, the UN humanitarian relief department chief Mark Lökek expressed a fears that the Rohingyas might get drowned. News BBC Bangla According to the recent violence in Myanmar as the United Nations, the number of Rohingyas who came to Bangladesh till now is about five and a half million. A plan of six months relief assistance and housing for eight hundred thousand refugees, including their Rohingya and its previous Rohingya, has been already done. The help firms have called for a fund of around $ 43 billion. How many preparations are being feared to enter the Rohingya in a new way? Shah Kamal, secretary of the Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management, said that although they are less likely to get the chance, they are preparing to get more refugees than the previous assumptions. We had planned to have 84,000 families before, but now we have 100,000 families in our plans. Even in the case of sanitation, we are thinking a bit more than the previous thinking. He said that food management was planned by the United Nations food agency WFP, targeting 8 million people. Meanwhile, the arrival of Rohingyas from Myanmar is still going on. Every day refugees entering the country are entering Bangladesh. BGB commanding officer Ariful Islam said in Teknaf that around 500 Rohingyas had entered the Teknaf border after two days of interruption. He said new aristocratic Rohingyas are also saying that they are being asked to come to Bangladesh on the other side of the border and many are still waiting on the border. BGB sources said that many people could not come because the boat was low. On the other hand, if the Rohingya comes to a large extent, it is not ready to deal with the situation immediately. Alliance of Disaster Preparedness Organizations Disaster Forum Member Secretary Naeem Wahara He said that the six-month plan is also inadequate. There were not many things to think about. If we have a big cyclone, these rooms will not survive, we do not know whether there is any plan. We have to keep in mind that the winter is coming. There is a plan for food and lodging in six months, but other things have not been considered as such. He said, it is necessary to review the plan after another meeting in a month’s time. Wahara thinks that preparing for more refugees as well as planning how the political crisis is going on in the Rohingya crisis.