padmavati-1-2-647x381Padmavati, translated by Alawal, a brilliant example of medieval literature in Bengali literature. It was originally a translation of a poem by Malik Muhammad Zaishir. Jawsi wrote his poem in 1540. After almost 100 years, Alaol wrote Padmavati in 1648, under the direction of Magan Thakur, the monarch of Arakan Buddhist monarch. The poet is then a magistrate and a shelter of Magan Thakur. It is not certain how historically the history of Padmavati is. Perhaps the poets of poets influenced both Zeissi and Alaol. Alawol basically took refuge in the Padma and Triadhi rhythm in Bangla in Bengali. Among the medieval religious literature, this Padmavati textbook is an unparalleled art of independence. Pudmavati is not basic, but it is the use of fluent language and the use of a highly eloquent rhythm that carries the signature of Alaol’s poet. Raja Ratanseen of Pudmavati Chitor, the King of the current Sri Lanka, Emperor Alauddin Khilji of Delhi, King Devapala has written the poetry of fictional works written by these characters.


Bhuru bhangima Hari Bhojanga all.

I think thinking of the abyss.

Safari hidden in Koorang water.

Ranjan singer Anjan Ranjit

Meaning: The bee party drowned in deep thought after seeing the Bhoobbhavi (Padmabati). Kajol Ranga, the eyes of the dancer bird, the eye of the eye, which sees the deer hidden in the forest and the pyatimas in the water.



References: Alaal Padmabati, Syed Ali Ahsan, Syed Ali Ahsan Dhaka: Ahmad Publishing House 1968

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The strange spell of Rajabhana – Hiramam is very dear to Padma. When Padmabati was young, her tone of the story spread all over the earth. Hiramam told him not to marry her, she would go around the country and travel to find her suitable groom. When he heard the news, the king ordered him to be angry and kill him. Padmavati saved the life of dying by praying. After that, they started looking for opportunities to leave the Raj Bhavan. One day, Padmabati flies to the forest with a chance to fade with the sakhis in Mansarovar. The thoughtful shark was caught by an hunter in the forest. When the hunter came to sell Shukake in Sinhalong, he came to Chetot by purchasing Shaka after listening to the knowledge and wisdom of Brahmin Shukatari, who came with a businessman of Chitor. After listening to the praise of Dukes, King Ratnensen of Chittor purchased Hiraman with millions of rupees. Meanwhile, when Rani Nagmati heard the description of the form of women in the Padmani Shukra, if there is a bird in it, then one day, the king will listen to this and leave him for Padmabati. He ordered the midwife to kill the drunk. Thinking about the consequence of the midwife, he kept the shark hidden. When the king came back and was very angry when he did not see Shuq, Shuk was brought to him from behind bars. Shown all the details of dry weather. The King was anxious to hear the long description of Padma Vatar. Desperate, he had such a desire in his heart that he accompanied Hiraman to Ceylon. After crossing the difficult path, they finally came to the temple of Mahadev in the ceylon country.


To worship and meditate for Padmavati. During the trip to meet Hiramam Padmavati, Ratnensen said that, on the fifth day of spring, he will be seeing Padma, and his hope will be fulfilled. Padmavati got excited for a long time after receiving her son. Herman described Ratanen’s form, coolness, valor and richness and said, Ratnensen is the best man from all over. Padmavati, after listening to Ratnensen’s departure and love, decided to visit Ratnensen on the occasion of worship on the fifth day of spring and give him a wreath. On the fifth day on the fifth day of the spring, Padmavati came to the place where Ratnensen was roaming around the Mando. Ratnensen met Padmavati. Seeing Padmavati Ratnensen, she understood that there was no defect in the word that Shank said. Padmabati and Rattnensen’s love story, the father of Padmavati father Raja Gandharvasen became angry. He announced war against Ratnensen. At this time, Mahadev’s marriage and his intermediate marriage with Ratnasen got married in Padmabati. At the same time Chitor spent a year thinking about the illusion of the king of Barhini Nagmati. The animals became disturbed when he heard his lament. One day when a bird asked Nagmati about the reasons for her sadness, Nagmati sent her to the king. When the news of Nagmati’s sadness and chitro’s degradation of the birds came to the minds of the country, the country started speaking in the heart of Ratnensen. He traveled towards Chetro. On the eve of the journey, the priceless gems to the king of the sea. Ratnensen and Padmavati came to Chitore with these priceless jewels. The king began enjoying happiness while enjoying the two queens of Nagmati and Padmavati. In the court of Chitor, Yakshini Siddhapandit Raghavchatan Dattiya was debated with other scholars.


When Raghav’s technique was found in the examination of falsehood and truth, Raja Ratnensen gave him the exile. Raghavchatan arrived in Delhi with vengeance and padmavati kankana mischidhi. When King Alauddin heard the description of the form of Padma, he placed Brahmin in the royal court with many gifts and gave a letter to King Ratnensen, “Give me Padmavati, I will ask for all the kingdoms in exchange for him.” Raja Ratanena got very upset and called for war. The King-King started the war. Alauddin attacked Chittorgarh. He stayed around for eight years, but could not enter the house. At that time, Samachar came from Delhi and attacked his state again. Then the king