In my hope a clean,
There will not be any tired sadness,
Where there will be only unlimited happiness
The new light will be tangled and erased
The anguish of pain, the pain of not getting.

In the morning light the sun shines in the sun
My corrupt mind will be pure-white,
Heel, gentle hue and light breeze
Fear of silence in my mind
Will teach – Nibi Mamta’s touch.

In my hope,
A lot of desire,
Where waiting room zodiac sign,
Those who came and spread my throat chest
Cool festoon, add heart irritation.

That’s pretty sure I expected-
Shotak bihangam when the chorus
Singing is the world’s holiest song,
Whose tune of all the hearts,
All the cleansing of the mind is swept away
In the foamy waters of the sea,
And left the calm heart of a fixed mind.