1. Sexual intercourse: If we want people to be ready for sexual intercourse in every hour, both the boy or the girl. But in nature it is observed that besides the people, other animals have sexually transmitted sexual intercourse. They can not be seen or sexually abused every hour or every day or they are not able. If the mutation or sexual evolution of the remaining target animals is the same, then how is it? How does evolution explain it?
  2. Homosexuality: We also see this matter in humans. In contrast to humans, sexual intercourse with sex with people who are gay, which is called homosexuality, which is called homosexuality. In the case of homosexuality, an explanation is given that if the second son is the child after the first child, then he is likely to be homosexual. The same thing is not seen in the case of other animals! The matter of this homosexuality is only about the people, why not the rest? If our original sources are the same!