One of my favorite leaders is Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur. I do not understand the evil, nor do I know, but I can say that his great sacrifice for the people of Bangladesh will be supplemented throughout life, and from this I love my little love for him. Writing articles about Bangabandhu or writing something like mine Of course, I do not have any qualifications. August 15th is Bangladesh’s national mourning day. So, I am just an independent Bangladeshi citizen and I pay tribute to him.enam2419-1534260208-b2b1783_xlarge

I have not seen myself in the eyes, but I have heard in the mouth of the people, Bangabandhu fought for the rights of the people of this country from the student life, on August 15, 2018, the 43rd martyrdom anniversary of that great greatness. A 47-year-old nation was able to rule this country for only 4 years.


After being arrested in March 1971, after ten months in prison, he returned to the country on 10 January 1971. A new state filled with war-torn, destroyed ruins. Only four years! The world looked at the emergence of a nation with astonishing surprise.


Bangabandhu made a new example in the first Bangla lecture in the UN on September 25, 1974. The country has become a member of the Militari Academy, United Nations, OIC, and is a new land, a new land. A state of economical collapsing in war, began to rotate the wheel of economy. At the speed of the country, the nation gave him the reward for the work of life, on 15th August, 1975, a ruthless murder. The innocent hero who could not touch the brutal cruel regime of Pakistan, he was martyred by some of his own traitors. It is not just here that the family was eliminated by the family of Sheikh family. Ruthless minor child Sheikh Russell did not even leave Three days later, there was a body lying on the staircase of the house, no funeral. The nation will remain alive with shame and will remain forever forever.enam2419-1534261539-b450bfb_xlarge

August 15th, the day of mourning for the Bengali nation. 15th of August is the shameful day of our Bengali nation. One of the defeated betrayals. Therefore forgive us the father of our nation, we failed, we could not evaluate you. We apologize to you on your martyrdom day. Wherever you live, Allah will keep you and your family in peace.sekmojeb