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Delightful: Sleep Between Love 


Lover sleeps at night On this side, I’m going to sleep in eleven. Like the richness of Bengali movies, love of sleeping and sleeping in us! Now I do not sleep anymore with him I have to stay awake. Therefore, I am trying to cut him down on the pretext of ‘sick today, he will have to wake up in the morning, not charged on the phone’. He will give a special picture of a four-minute tonight, if you sleep now, then I will die, sleep well, there are people who are chatting with me, etc. I am aroused by the use of amazement, threats and emotions.


During this time, typing speed is taking place during the chat period, Let’s go this way. At roughly two, I used to fall asleep on the national excuse “I have not seen anything in my eye”. I made the first big mistake in my life by cutting the 35 Tickets

Seeing the picture of Kazi Maruf in the movie, I made the second biggest mistake by giving my ammoor number to my girlfriend! Talking about sleeping, thread is given to your mother by phone, your son is going to be a father … !!


When Ershad government was in power, the situation of the people of the country was such that I was! What did you want this love? This freedom! Alas! A person has no right to sleep. If I want to sleep, the lover gives me the “farm chicken” stuff. I’m wrong, it’s not chicken, it’s cock! The lover is angry,


  • I have never seen such a bad guy.
  • Well, why do you love the bad guy? Tell all the reasons for the reason!
  • I can not stay well, so love!


… I owe the rate. At this stage, it seems that no night can wake up for this girl!

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