Goddess Mujib or Satan Mujib: Imagination and Reality

If someone makes a god, then his human error also does not seem to be wrong. Again, the devil did not even notice his good looks. The situation of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman has been very much like this. I read the two sides of his opponents. One party made him the perfect goddess another team … Continue reading Goddess Mujib or Satan Mujib: Imagination and Reality


New steps to the loss of freedom of speech in Bangladesh

Like the Information and Communication Technology Act, the proposed Digital Protection Act has alarmed the country's conscious people, media and civil society. Under the new Digital Protection Act, there will be a non-bailable section. Its scope is also increasing. The provisions of section 57 of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Act have been made … Continue reading New steps to the loss of freedom of speech in Bangladesh

There are medicines with cannabis

Known as marijuana, marijuana, ganjika, Ganja, siddhi etc. Originally a preparation of cannabis plants that are prepared for use as a psychoactive drug and medication. Pharmakolajikyali, the major psychoactive component of cannabis plants and 483 seats in tetrahaidrokyanabinala tieicasi known compounds 1, there are also 84 other kyanabinoyedsa as kyanabidiola (sibidi), kyanabinala (CBN), tetrahaidrokyanabibharina (tieicasibhi), … Continue reading There are medicines with cannabis

like my new site

Cottage Queen Mainamoti Mainamoti the site are a few landmarks Mura kotila Pratnasthana Mainamoti Comilla cantonment area. Dhaka-Comilla highway about two miles south and about three miles north of the US Shalvan Bihar. One of the most important pratnasthapanagulora hill in Lalmai kotila Mura. After the excavation of the soil was discovered three mass. These […] … Continue reading like my new site

Obama family’s new house

After leaving the White House in Washington, DC kyaloramaya pleasant area to live in a rented 8200 square feet of Obama. These images of the Obama family's new house listim agent Mark myakaphyadenera from the house. Previous images taken. The inside and outside of the house may have been many changes and reforms. VOA's Spanish … Continue reading Obama family’s new house

Cherish knows Bangal

Cherish knows Bangal You did not have any caste, religion, bhedabicara, Did you sarmmana all religions are equal, Your religion has been observed, You are a great saint, Have made the soul, I love that the poor, Is my pride, Bangal knows when I think you were brought up.

Dear WordPress beginning today made 502 posts in a post on the site, but was not selected.

Dear WordPress beginning today made 502 posts in a post on the site, but was not selected.

Camdamukhasri Dhekeche happy color,

Sajila my queen, Word of mouth sniddha happy. Deputy unable to speak a word, smile spring bayeche Many achievements have been kiddie gold. Camdamukhasri Dhekeche happy color, Cradle shaken while playing organs. Shaken hands with the head of silky hair to the waist khopa Dora black payeri to see red.

Without the knowledge of the customer’s SIM Registration

SIM registration of biometric fingerprint system clients have repeatedly occurred without the knowledge of the registration of SIM teliyogayaga regulator said. SIM registration karyalaye regulator on Wednesday introduced the latest status report and a short code, the regulator said in the opening ceremony, Director General (Systems and Services Division), Brigadier General Imdad-ul-Bari. He said that … Continue reading Without the knowledge of the customer’s SIM Registration

Greetings and congratulations.

Word Press all my friends and brothers and sisters, it is my number one hundred post Congratulations. If you like my post, I am no longer mantabyato do not get too low. I love my brothers and sisters and my friends are all Word Press. At the same time the owner of WordPress from ayadaminaderao … Continue reading Greetings and congratulations.