Student + Teacher=Funny

Student: Sir, what will I learn from the present grammar? 😉 Teacher: Look at the person, the division and the group. Student: What else to see, sir? Teacher: Take the lenght out of sight: D metal can come in fact !!

Jesus ascended to heaven

Actually Jesus' ascendancy is a Christian concept. According to the New Testament idea, after 40 days of Jesus' resurrection, he went to heaven in the presence of his disciples. According to the Bible story, an angel told the eyewitnesses, as Jesus ascended into heaven, he would come down to earth in the same way. There … Continue reading Jesus ascended to heaven

The Last Supporter Leonardo da Vinci।

Famous wall paintings (Fresco), painted by The Last Supper, Italian painter Leonardo da Vinci. After the Mona Lisa, this film was considered as Leonardo's best fame. It is believed that the picture was drawn between 1495-1498 AD. × 29 feet), and it is decorating Santa Maria del Milan of Italy Rejira (Santa Maria delle Grazie) … Continue reading The Last Supporter Leonardo da Vinci।