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Blogger is an open blog creation platform, which allows you to easily create your own personal or commercial blog. The “Blogger” platform has been developed by Pyra Labs, but in 2003, Google bought this platform and hosted it on Google’s own server. Blogger’s auto sub-domain is A registered user can create 100 blogs in an account, in full switches. There are plenty of free and premium templates available in Blogger, which you can use to create attractive websites, complete free!blogger

Blogger History

On 17 December 1997, a person called “John Burger” first invented the word ‘weblog’. Later, ‘Peter Merrholz’ jokes on his own blog ‘Petram Dot’ and shares the word ‘weblog’ with ‘blog’ in April or March 1999. Since then the use of the word ‘blog’ has been increasing. A person named Evan Williams used the word blog ‘noun and verb’ respectively. He invented the word ‘Blogger’. Prior to the popularization of ‘blogging’, other popular mediums of ‘digital community’ or ‘online communication’ were Usenet, GEnie, BiX, CompuServe, BBS etc. These were popular for the time being, but with the help of these, the work of Running conversation was done very hard. But with the help of modern blogging, people can now easily manage social communication. Blogging has given people a identity of their own. Those bloggers are called bloggers. Bloggers generally call themselves ‘Diarists’ or ‘Journalers’. Justin Hall, who started personal blogging in 1994 Then he used to read ‘Swarthmore College’. He is considered the oldest blogger in blogging history. One of the few popular blogs in the meantime was ‘Jerry Pournelle’ and ‘Dave Winer’s’ personal blog. These were the oldest and long-standing popular blogs. As the popularity of blogging increased, its demand continued to grow. It adds various technologies. In order to maintain current blogsite, some browser-based applications are used to make sites work.

Since 1999, the popularity of blogging has increased and it still remains. Bruce Ebullon, a person opened a blog called ‘Open Diary’ in October 1998 and overnight grew its blog’s popularity. Thousands of bloggers associate with his blog and this is the first blog community, where other bloggers write the opportunity to comment. In addition, Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan, who worked at Pyra Labs, started their own blog site “” in 1999, which in February 2003 bought Google.

While the slump is slower, blogging quickly gets popularity. Blogs continued to grow in 1999 and since then. Some of the first few blog tools are more popular in the use of the almost-in-future approach:

• In 1998, Bruce Ableson opened the diary of Naaman, with thousands of online birthdays being born. Open Diary was the reader’s comment, this was the first blog community where readers could comment on the other blog’s blog entries.

• In March 1999, Brad Fitzpatrick started the live journal.

• In July 1999, Andrew Smells was born as an alternative to a “news page” on the website of, shortly afterward, in September 1999, Diaryland, where the emphasis on personal day-to-day community is emphasized. Evan Williams and Meg Hurrien (Pira Labs) launched  in August 1999.


But now the WordPress blog has also gained a lot of popularity.
One blog web hosting service provider owned by is a proprietary and open source WordPress software.
It provides free blog hosting to registered users and provides “VIP” services and advertising services through updates via financial support. 1024px-WordPress_logo.svg

WordPress is currently the most popular blog publishing applications and powerful content management system (CMS), open source blogging software created by php and MySQL. WordPress was a free blogging platform in the first phase, which subsequently created an engine and started to offer free access to any blogger by downloading it. It is possible to create a professional website without WordPress, without any PHP, MySQL or HTML knowledge. Matt Mullenweg originally released it on May 27, 2003. By January 2012 WordPress 3.4 version was downloaded more than 3 million (!!).

An open technology blogging software created by a PHP and MySQL. Currently it is the most popular Content Management System (CMS), and 12% of the world’s first-ever, 40,00,000 websites use it.

Matt Mullenweg released its first on May 27, 2003 [1]. WordPress 3.0.05 million times more than the latest WordPress version has been downloaded till August 2010.

WordPress Special Features

The software is open source and can be downloaded for free.
Using WordPress is possible to create a blogging website without any type of PHP and HTML knowledge.
Plugins that can be used to automatically install websites.
Blog posts and static page benefits.
Integrated blogging facility.
Also available for free themes, plugins are available.
As a content management system (CMS), any information can easily be changed, modified, added or removed. That means you can work independently.
The use of WordPress is very easy to use and the use of search engine optimization methods.
Search Engine Friendly
Free WordPress Download: WordPress can be downloaded from  

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