Today, photography is a hobby has become more than our sakaleri. There are many websites where you can earn money by selling pictures.

Some Site Address
1. Each picture downloads royalty rate for payments was 15%. If you can work them as exclusive contributors. Much of the income will be higher. The image on this site, but you will not be able to save images on other sites. Address haloh
2ei ecommerce sites in the photo. The images themselves are showcased. You can fix the price of his own image. In addition to the hard copy of the photo and a digital download card gretinsa can sell. They are: Click This Link Address
3. The world’s largest library of stock photos. Royalty fee payment is 60 percent of the photographers. More importantly, the image of the exclusive right to any kind of pressure are not allowed. The pictures on this site is able to give to another. the address-
4. Getty Images and Flickr in 010 joining hands to create a platform where photographers can sell royalty-free images, and to control their copyright. Image sharing and stock sell two of its call for Getty Images Artists group was created. The picture will have to wait for approval. 0 percent royalty for each sale will get the picture. However, at this moment, there are new pictures taken off. After a few weeks, will come back. Click This Link these address-
5. More than 40 million of them in the loop buyers. The amount of royalties to be very good. 63 percent of the royalties from the sale of every picture is 0 percent. With the money will be deposited into your account phatoliya. the address-
6. Very popular. His images are sent to the application. You can sell photos through the site editor’s consent. Available from 5 percent to 30 percent royalty for each. If you just signed an agreement to work for them, but more than 10 per cent of the royalty can be found. the address-
7. The whole process of selling the picture if you want to keep your hands and your own photo to profit if the price fixed by phatoseltara a built-in professional photography ecommerce site can take off. Is great to see the sites with the Secure Cloud Storage. Everything becomes easy to sell and licensing. the address-
8anyatama the stock photo sites. Each picture can get up to $ 8 from $ 025 for sale. Depending on what kind of license there. the address-
9kata photos are uploaded every day depending on how much you will receive a percentage royalty. Those who took this picture of the day, is very good for them. You can get 30 to 60 per cent royalty. the address-
10. Once a member you can easily submit photos. About 100 can upload images together. Nearly 50 percent of the royalties parenaedera to address-