Tasmina, the daughter of Bangladesh’s village, with a strong will, has conquered the world


The Tasminas of Obaidul of Chaksul (Shankarpur) village in Dhamirhat upazila of Naogaon district
Tasamina is our daughter, a daughter of an uncharted village, defeated by her strong will power, poverty is defeated. In fact, if we do any work, if it fails 2-1 times, it will not give me the desire to come forward. The best example of this mistake is that this girl is the child. From childhood, Tasminena horse-long addiction. There was no horse like myself in the competition. Yet wherever the races are organized due to intoxication, Tasminya goes there with the father. The other wins the horse. The reward is to be given to the owner of the horse. Parents can not be silent due to daughter’s addiction. Whenever you heard about the competition, you took the girl and used to play for the owner of the horse.

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the daughter was interested in the poor horse in the last two grant November 016 is located in Gazipur own horse farm prices from Rs 1 lakh was donated horses.

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Last year, a documentary made by the first light was made with the boys’ horsemen in the undivided village. Tanaha Zafarin produced the documentary under the overall supervision of Anisul Haque, the co-editor of Prothom Alo. It was first shown on December 8, 2016 at a domestic ceremony at the head office of the first light. The documentary has so far seen 13 million times more on the first light Facebook page. And on YouTube it has seen about 63 thousand people.
Let’s take a look at that very interesting documentary
Many people have seen or know about this matter, but it is good to share this with everyone.

yuteb link video

‘Olympia Film Festival for Children and Young People’ is going to be held in Pyrgos, under the Olympus Mountains of Greece. The shortest documentary film ‘Cavalier Tasmina’ has been selected for the final competition in the documentary section of Europe’s second largest festival of cavalcade.

We can do many things to Bangladeshi people and we have the opportunity but do not do it due to lack of energy, this post is dedicated to those who have been defeated repeatedly but have not succeeded or have not succeeded yet.
Good luck for them, and also for Tasminena.

Thank you so much for reading everyone.

Help those who are willing to commit suicide or if they think of someone else

We are people of blood flesh. If a person is affected by the disease, it is a physical pain. Combination of life, pain in pain due to various diseases and pain in pain. It is also true that there is a pain in the body such as pain and pain and pain and pain in […]

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Help those who are willing to commit suicide or if they think of someone else


We are people of blood flesh. If a person is affected by the disease, it is a physical pain.
Combination of life, pain in pain due to various diseases and pain in pain.
It is also true that there is a pain in the body such as pain and pain and pain and pain in mourning.
Physical illness can make the body disadvantaged, and can disadvantage the heart and mind of the mind, and the consequence of this excessive disorder is suicide, it is my own theorem.

The incidents of suicide are increasing every day.
According to the World Health Organization survey, one in 33 seconds of the world and three thousand people each day committed suicide. As such, 11 million people committed suicide every year. Every day 60 thousand people attempt suicide, and about three thousand people are successful. Besides, about 40 million teenage juveniles have attempted suicide every year, and one hundred thousand have died in death. Suicides do not kill people, even if they are victims of war, terrorism or terrorist attacks or murders.
According to the World Health Organization report, from 2000 to 2012, a study conducted on 170 member states said Bangladesh ranked 10th in terms of suicide trend. In Bangladesh, 73 thousand three hundred and eighty 89 people committed suicide in the last seven years.
According to the report, 10 thousand 590 people in 2008, 10 thousand 10 people in 2009, 10 thousand 788 in 2010, 10 thousand 323 in 2011, 10 thousand 167 in 2012, 10 thousand 12 in 2013 and 11 thousand 94 in 2014. Men and women have chosen the way to suicide in the country.
According to WHO statistics, 28 people committed suicide every day. According to the data of Bangladesh Police Headquarters, 28 people committed suicide every day. Between 21 and 30 years of age, a large part of them is Every year, 10,400 people have committed suicide. In addition, 474 people have committed suicide every month. Data source internet

The first body I saw the smallest was suicide.
It was a lot of sadness and a lot of horror of horror, this incident made me so much scared for many years.
The first school of my life was a government school, we used to come to school in the lower-middle class, including the local children, and almost all of them became my good friends.
One of them was the flame of her skin, she was black and so black girl is not usually seen, but I can say that she was one of the most beautiful girls I met, and she was actually a real innocent girl. She was like a dry little lucky girl, she used to wear books in Rose Polythene and came to school after an ash color shirt on barefoot,
One day, she told me that she came to see her body lying on the way while she was coming to school, I can not wait to see her during the Tiffin time around school.

Then at the time of Tiffin, the flame took hold of my hand and said, “Baida has fallen in love with me. She loves a boyfriend” Miyadar yesterday, Rai has got married with another, so she is committing suicide. I went to see the body of the suicide by thinking of something funny and learning to see the body, the dead body must be something interesting !!
Walking through a green field while walking on a green field, the sun was spread all over the body.
The flame went near to say that the body came, let’s see, there was not a sheet on her face, the two people who were digging in the grave were tired of the sun.

I saw the body of a young man left on the green grass, the first body seen in my life, I still remember that his lips were blackish, the face of the spring, the dense hair filled with head on his forehead, black and dark in the neck, the tongue came out with the sheets Someone who has engraved in the throat
It is natural to not tolerate such scenes, it is normal to cry, and when a woman comes from me and loses my eyes with the other hand and threatens to keep the bodies in the loop, they have expressed excessive irritation, that the body is to be left in such a way! This is more than that.

Those who are deprived of deprived who want to survive are deceived, who die in this way, and even if they die, can be saved from them! Many people, including my mother, saw that someone had died because of suicide. Do they go to know the death of others! Want to see more of the light wind than a few days to survive?

As long as people are alive, there are many options and if they die, all the options are closed.
What is the need for the tornado to take the death of the desire which reluctantly hangs over the head !?

Even though some of the few days of life come in a few days, there are some terrible dangers coming from that one solution seems to be death at that time, but the death should be one day, do not try it any other hand! Or if someone is beside the time of such a mental disaster, if someone gets help, can not many people save themselves from such a terrible accident?
During the suicide, almost everyone said, ‘I do not do that, I can not do that, I am not able to resist the vengeance, so much can not be accepted in humiliation, no one will ever understand what is going on in my life! This is my problem, no one in the world is like me! There is no logic to argue, only one solution is death!

Right but right but still your mind does not understand the disease of your mind. I’m selfish, I understand myself only. If I say to you, I will reproach you as innocent as you believe that you will not be able to meet anyone in the long night of every poisonous pain, but you stay alive. No one will understand your sorrow, but you stay alive. Your selfless love has been for somebody else, but still live, no one has ever told you that all your good qualities have reproached and insulted, but still live. You have survived and defeated many efforts and believe, living on the green grass on the tongue, like hundreds of dead souls, like killing dead people in more than hundreds of self-harm, it is more insulting, even worse.

Try again and again, save yourself, live, and how much life will turn around once it is finished. Regrettably, do not accept that a beautiful life Yeah otakei discontented Quit understand someone dear to you is crying all the time to visit your parents! Everybody’s life is a little rushing around, the war in front of us everywhere, we do not come within them! We do not pray happy life! They are big things, but I am not a huge person. I know life is a terrible disaster !! Does the sky give us a little bit of peace between them? Mother’s face does not give peace? Invisible strangers on the face of someone who does not agree! Can we challenge with this difficult disease of mind to drive away?
Life is a joy, happiness, prosperity, and whatever you want, you will not get it at all. If you do not understand that, if you are jealous after seeing someone in your house, believe that there is no mirror in our eyes, which means life is constantly fighting.
On the day of sorrow, nobody will erase the tears and say so loudly that I am with all that will be all right.

When it comes to hearing some suicide cases, it seems pretty fancy. Some people are dying with status by writing a suicide note in Faizbu, a few days ago, Tasmaiah Shantya, whose name was dead, updated her last status, and found that she had done this because of a long depression from her husband, who had broken into small pieces of love with her boyfriend. In this case, I think that if the family was responsible for the family, he could not have died so easily, at least in the neighborhood.

Rajshahi University Assistant Professor Aktar Jahan committed suicide because of his husband’s negligence, to stay away from the family, he wrote his suicide note: “No one is responsible for my death. I committed suicide due to physical stress. But do not let me be in my father’s custody anyway. “In one of his films, I commented how long it was, that is, to tell you how her husband got married elsewhere and to remind her that she should do something like this, Do not stay side by side Eating family environment did not create a lot of emotional pressure around the people.

I got a news report on how to prevent suicide, if the news is true, then thank the organization, thank you, give the news release.

Anti-suicide strategy in India!

If you use search engines Google to find a way to get rid of suicidal or genuinely suicide, then there is definitely a way to get it. And in the search bar will write, ‘How do I commit suicide’?
As soon as the text is typed, the screen will be floated on the screen and a telephone number will appear. And it has been written down, seven days a week, the signal to be able to call 24 hours. But why is the number, why or so, to find the answer, to the website written below, it is known that this is an emergency helpline number of a non-profit organization named asa.
Through this phone number, if the person is looking for a suicide victim or a person planning suicide, then he provides constant emergency assistance to save him. Finding the reason for wanting to commit suicide, the agency is working to bring home the frustration, anguish, anger, sorrow, and bring him back to a healthy life with family support, mental health psychologist or counselor.
Asara of the India branch of the international organization Wanderers Worldwide. The organization, which started its journey in 1998, mainly works on mental health. Hindi and English can be contacted here using both languages. However, this facility is restricted to Mumbai only in India.

However, in order to prevent suicide, each family, relatives and friendly people can play the most important role. On yesterday morning, a boy tried to commit suicide by lighting a fire in front of his lover, 30 percent of his body was burnt, his son finished the engineering, and was looking for a job, it is understood that his lover is responsible for his efforts to commit suicide. Two days ago I read a girl lying on the neck of the girl without getting to her father for the school’s wages. She only falls into the eighth class, ie, she is passing her teenage age, in this case the girl’s father is completely responsible for her daughter’s family. Children of a teenage age are very complex and emotional, they understand nothing, they do not understand the quality, because the height of the middle of the middle of the bigger than the middle of the age, in which case the family was not able to understand him.
In the case of many who are suicidal in the suicide note, leaving behind mentioned in the suicide note, I think the person mentioned in the suicide note should be punished by the courts by arresting the murder and bringing it under trial.

In many cases, it is encouraging people to commit suicide to print suicide news without criticizing the issue of suicide and discussing the issue. Maybe, but we can do something for inspiration to survive. Can not we say two good things? Can not do better? Can not use good? Can not give a gift or a little laughter or help? Can not stand a bit? Can not I stand beside it, at least I can not assure that he needs the world?
On the other hand, the story of another suicide was heard that the man sat on a one-to-one shop in front of the railway in the morning after consuming the body of the bride, at the tea cup of tea. Suddenly, on a train sound, he jumped in front of the train and jumped in front of the train before moving on to a tea cup machine.

Increasing suicide rates in Bangladesh can reduce the number of people close to or near each family family.

Those who hear about me so much, they have been affected by this depression-
How many people have been suffering from various diseases every day, have been in the hospital for the last time, many people have lost their body parts, somebody’s kidneys have lunch at someone’s eyes, when they die, they donate a donation before they die, a little help to die Would not be better to cooperate?

Lastly, remembering your loved ones before committing suicide. There is no one in everybody’s life that can not bear the grief of your death or the rest of your life will survive as a cripple, someone needs you to be someone who is dependent on you to live like a parasite.
Or many people like me who drowned the amount of ocean in the news of each suicide.

WordPress Contacts Lectures Basic concepts of WordPress


Thank you so much for being with everyone before the start of the course. I hope that you are all good now. And the most beautiful time is to bite online. So let’s sit with the new time and start happily and start our course ‘How to create a website with WordPress’ can be made.

Let’s clear the first thing, what is actually wordpress; The answer is given in two ways. If I have to give a practical answer, then ‘wordpress is rich in wealthy and wealthy, the most beautiful thing of poor spell’; Now you can ask me, ‘what is the meaning of this sentence’; In other words, the ‘web developer’ community was the great wealthy people; If you want to create a website for your work, so what to do? The web developer will have to go to the foot, how would you like to say that Kainda will not be the one who creates a Khan website beautiful. Then you will pay a large amount of money to the web developer, then he will build the site, will do the mainintane, how many more stories; At last, you had to get 25-30 thousand rupees to make a beautiful website; And web developer Saheb Muchki Hisa took 28 thousand taka from 30 thousand rupees as part of his profits; So, they gradually went to great wealth.

Then the word of this word of the word, he changed the void overnight; Now if you want to build a website, if you are too much, then only one and a half thousand dollars is enough, you will not have to go to any web developer’s website; Bosea Boseja can do everything in the house itself. If you know something better then you can earn freelancing and earn money. Thousands of boys of Bangladesh are now earning thousands of taka a day because of knowing this wordpress. For this reason, in the first place, WordPress was making poor web developers poor, and poor Pola made a great way to get money in Pine.

So this goes fizzle message, now let’s go to the theoretical talk, meaning theory –

What is WordPress?

In the initial stage, WordPress was a blogging platform. This means that you will have a blog address, in which you will be blogging. If you open a blog, at the Prothom-alo blog, you want to apace blog lekha cracks here. So you wrote a blog, wrote “My name is Mukles, my left hand is this, I have five fingers, my two hands, two legs ……”; So after writing this blog, you post it; The moderator of the blog went to all the writings of Apna Lekhita writing “I’m Mukul”; This decree has frustrated you that you do not have any with this blog, you will open your blog, write your mind whatever you want. Initially WordPress could offer you the opportunity to open this blog.

Changed the day, WordPress changed; Switching back to WordPress is now Mahrourah. According to Times’s calculations, nowadays, 53 percent of the world’s website is made up of WordPress. Because it does not know any coding to build a site, as it is written in Microsoft Word, wordpress can be written in the same manner, there are thousands of plugins on it; With which you can decorate your website like mind. And the most outstanding aspect of WordPress is that it’s totally free. No one will want to ask me a day or a day.

Types of WordPress –

WordPress mainly offers two types of services, both of which are free-

  1. WordPress.com
  2. WordPress.org

  3. WordPress.com

You will get a free subdomain on wordpress.com, you will get hosting like 2 GB, and you will find some design specifications of WordPress, which are named ‘wordpress theme’; Just as you open normal Facebook account, you can open an account at wordpress.com and blogging in Dhoom. But there are problems with this, you can not change any type of site or blog in wordpress.com, plus the website address you will be given to – mukhles.wordpress.com

  1. WordPress.org

Now let’s say your address above (mukhles.wordpress.com) is preferred. You want to create http://www.mukhles.com in that case you must use wordpress.org; To do this, there is no blemish of registration; Just need a domain and a hosting. We will learn how to build websites with wordpress.org in our course. We will use a paid domain and hosting in this full tutorial. If you want or if you have, you can also use for paid domain hosting practice, or you can use many free hosting and domain companies who will host your domain for free. I gave some lists below, there are many people, but they are the best to give free. Of course, if you do not practice any practice or just want to learn, there is no problem, Just Tutorial and video clips very minded.free domain


FreeHostia, 000webhost

Why WordPress is the best one to use –

  1. If you have the lowest domain of your hosting and you can use WordPress.
  • Originally HTML, PHP, CSS to create website – these coding takes. If you do not know ‘A’ of this coding, then you can create a great website using this wordpress.

  • If you search Google, you will get WordPress designs above millions, which you can easily use to design your own website.

  • So today, this is the beginning, we’ll start off in the next phase, from the next episode. Good, stay healthy; The beginning of the new year is very colorful; If there is anything to know, you can ask in the comment box below.

    Offtopic 1 – If you really want to create a site then in that case, you must use paid domain and hosting, in no way use these freebies; Use only for practice.

    Ophthyctic 2 – Think about all our thoughts in this course, just wordpress.org, wordpress.com we will not say anything else.


    For those who are brand-new to WordPress, a great book for learning WordPress

    wordpressebookdownload-anytechDOWNNLOAD LINK

    LINK 2

    Finding a lot, I found a book for learning WordPress. So I thought I shared with you. This book is very good. For those who are new to WordPress or who want to learn WordPress, it’s a perfect book. Here’s a discussion with all the basic things including wordpress installations, detailed pictures. Ariful Islam Shaon, Writes Ariful Islam Shawon. I thank him for writing this book. If a little bit of your book is useful, then the writer’s writing will be worthwhile. However, download the book from the link below and read more. We end up giving greetings to everyone. Everyone will be good.

    Like Google Experts, you can do Google search



    We all use Google to find any information. We can ask for nothing at all with Google’s uncle, he will present it to us immediately. But Google’s mama will have to be properly understood what we really want. If not, then the time will be lost, and we and we will not get the desired things. Let’s know if Google is the right way to find information.


    Find more web sites like your favorite site
    Suppose you are looking for Bangla, but you can not find any other site that is required to find another site that shares a tutorial on your favorite site, then enter the relevant site like: related: prothom-alo.com Newspaper sites will give search results.

    Need a synonym of a specific word?
    Google will find synonyms before putting a typed sign (~) before certain words. For example: gorgeous typing, see how many synomes are found.

    Define and interpret something
    If you want to define something, write colon-
    Define: plethora,
    Define: MBBS

    Asked about the weather of the particular city
    Weather: Then enter the city name. Such as weather Dhaka

    Know the exact time of sunrise and sunset in the city
    In the same way as the weather, you can find sunrise or sunset words by entering the name of the famous city and the time of sunrise and sunset in the city.

    Specific file type:
    The file type can be specified in Google Search. For example: if you are looking for a PDF file, then type the filetype: pdf and then you can see all the PDF files in the results. Similarly .exe (software)
    It is possible to specify many types of file types including .ppt (powerpoint file), .doc (Microsoft Word file), .swf (flash player file) .mp4

    Find the Product Key or Serial Key
    To find a software product or serial key, type 94fbr / product key / serial key with the software name.

    Cracks and Keygen Search
    Sometimes the software’s serial key is not available. Then the need for a crack or kegen. Cracks or kiens are also easy to find and follow with Google search.
    First, write the name of the software that requires the crack and write the space FBR94 code. For avoiding the cravings of avast such as: avast FBR94

    To compare the currency of another country with the currency of one country:
    Enter in or between two coins. For example,
    USD to BDT
    KWD in USD

    Find information from specific sites
    If you want to get any information from a particular web site, after entering the information you want to write, then enter the site: Then enter the name of the website. For example: Somewhereinblog.net

    Google Converter:
    Google can convert from one unit to another unit. For example,
    Mile in kilometer
    Meter to feet

    Do you want to calculate a japat? Use Google as a calculator.
    For example: 13 * 2.5

    Advanced Search:
    If you search for a few times in Google, then you can not find the appropriate results. In those cases, searching the search results by clicking on the advanced search by clicking on the short search box next to Google’s search box.

    The history of the house known as Murpara Rajbari or Mathherghat zamindar house — Bangladesh tour

    Murpara Rajbari is one of the most archaeological sites in Bangladesh, located in Rupganj upazila under Narayanganj district, and it is a centennial zamindar house. This zamindar house was renovated and expanded by some zamindars several times. It is located in Murpara village in the upazila. It is about 18 kilometers away from Dhaka city’s […]

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    Plato’s exact date of birth is not known.

    Plato’s exact date of birth is not known. Experts in the latest study of the ancient references Plato, 427 BC to 428 at one time or ejinaya was born in Athens, Greece. Eristana his father’s name. According to the ancestors had given liratiyasera dayojinisa eristanera kadarasa king of Athens and King melanathasa meseniyara. Plato’s mother, […]

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    For Opening Day

    “He kept to himself during the pre-game jostling and joking, doing his stretches and running silently, eyes fixed in the grass or in the darkening skies of the summer evening. He had a sense about him of ascetic dedication to his craft. He prepared for each game as a priest might prepare for mass.”

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    Short war history and history


    Battle of Tarain took place from 1191 to 1192 near Thaneshwar near present-day Hariyana near Taavain. This place is situated 150 kilometers (93 miles) north of Delhi. The battles took place between the Chauhan Rajput army under the leadership of Ghumr-Ghouri and under the leadership of Prithviraj Chauhan, Muhammad Ghori won the Bhatinda fort in Punjab in 1191. That place was the border area of ​​Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithviraj crossed the Bhatinda and faced the opponent near Thaneswar at Tarain, a place called. The fight started by shooting the cavalry cavalry at the middle of the opponent. Prithviraj’s forces attacked counter-attacks on three sides and dominated the war. As a result the ghats are behind. Muhammad Ghar was injured in personal fight with Prithviraj’s brother Govinda Taiyi. In that battle, Prithviraj was able to resist the ghoris. After returning to the embarkation, Muhammad Ghar started preparing for a counter attack. After reaching Lahore, he sent an envoy to Prithviraj to express loyalty. Prithviraj refused to call this call. Prithviraj then called the other Rajput leaders to stand beside him. According to historian Farishta, the Rajput army had 3,000 elephants, 3,00,000 cavalry and infantry soldiers. But this number is considered much more than the exact number. Minhaj-e-Siraj wrote that there were 120,000 armed soldiers in Muhammad Ghuri’s army.

    Prithviraj was expecting some more time as allies did not come. After receiving this news, Muhammad sent a letter to Prithviraj with the proposal of a clause. Before the start of the morning, the Firing Force started an attack against the Rajputs. Muhammad Ghuri divided his army into five units. Four units attacked the side and rear of the Rajput army. Its attack in the side fails, but the fight continues. Muhammad Ghori ordered his fifth unit to flee to avoid breaking the rows of Rajputs. Rajputs attacked the unit of retreat. As a result, the stability of Prithviraj’s forces would be lost. At the same time, along with the attack of the side, 12,000 cavalry attacking ghiris started. As a result, the rajputs were defeated. Prithviraj was arrested and later sentenced to death.

    A Global Chronology of Conflict: From the Ancient World to the Modern Middle East, Vol. I, ed. Spencer C. Tucker, (ABC-CLIO, 2010), 263.