Adolf Hitler was an Austrian-born German politician who led the National Socialist German Workers Party. Hitler Chancellor of Germany from 1933 until 1945 and from 1934 until 1945, he was the phiurara. As a soldier in World War I, Hitler joined. Subsequently, the Weimar Republic, the Nazi Party won. Due to the failed coup that had imprisoned him. Released from prison by the glamorous talk of nationalism, Jewish hatred and spreading socialism in opposition. That one time was a popular leader. Many were killed by the Nazis and their opposition, the state poured sajiyechila economy, military, and above all a new armed totalitarian and fascist dictatorship was established. Hitler adopted a foreign policy occupied territory to take life so that all lebenasrauma said. In 1939, the Germans had the right to Poland and as a result, Britain and France declared war against Germany. World War II as well as the German-led force hayayuddhera continental axis of power in Europe, Africa and Asia took several regions. But eventually won allies. In 1945, Germany was in ruins. State and racist aggression of Hitler’s victory is due to the millions of people lose their lives. A planned 60 million Jews were killed. He called the destruction of the Jewish Holocaust in the history of the event .1945 in the final days of the war, Hitler was barlinei. When the Red Army occupied Berlin was almost like he was at one time married to Eva Brown. After 4 hours before the wedding, he and his wife committed suicide phiurarabankare.

Hitler’s adolescence and youth,

Hitler’s father, Alois, was not legally planted. He was a bastard words. Last name, mother’s name as well as a lot of the time he used Schicklgruber. In 1876, Alois Hitler’s first name was adopted. His son, Adolf Hitler and the last name other than customs karenisarakari after his retirement from Hitler’s father and his family moved to the town of Upper Austria lintsa. Hitler’s childhood was spent there. For this reason, all his life he has been in love with any of the city’s top lintsake could not place. He did not like my father, but feared. But there was no shortage of love and respect for his mother. Father died in 1903. Their father left the family with a pension and savings fund is barely walk. After much suffering mother died in 1907. Hitler became destitute. Special facilities have been unable to study. During one visit in Vienna. But the dream of being an artist again returned lintse. Go back to Vienna. Like the city of Vienna, which is given little to go on with her was quite difficult. As an artist he had the chance. The purpose of the tests at the Austrian Academy of Fine Arts. But did not get a chance.Hitler’s book Mein kamaphaajnata is lonely and isolated life, he is quite kabachara. He used to earn a little postcard and advertising drawing. Hostel in Vienna, with the money from one to another to live in hostels. She appeared in several feature that helps to get some idea about the next life. For example, loneliness, privacy, expression of everyday existence bohemiya Bohemian life in one word, kasamopalitanijmera hatred and disgust towards the multinational Vienna.
He moved to Munich in 1913. In February 1914, the Austrian army rushed to try to be. The soldier did not get the chance to become health reasons. Anaphita was announced for the military. But with the outbreak of the First World War, he joined the German army as a volunteer. Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment, he was 16th. Throughout the war, the Germans left the service. In October 1916, several days after he was injured, was rested. Moreover, remained active during the rest of the war. Front row, from the headquarters of most of the time worked as a runner. In recognition of his courage and bravery in the war in December 1914, and was awarded second class iron cross. In August 1918, he was first-class iron cross. It’s quite a big achievement for a corporal. Hitler fought very enthusiastically.

Hitler entered politics,

Germany lost the First World War. Hitler joined politics from the hospital to recover. In May or June 1919, Munich, Germany, in the chaotic political situation became active. In September, a small group of Munich on the German Workers Party, he started working as a military and political agent. In 1920, he was given the responsibility of the party campaign. To consolidate his position in the team, he left the army. That year, the team was renamed National-sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei the Nazi party. Germany’s political parties to overcome the circumstances of such a possibility was quite good. Because of the horrors of war and the defeat of Germany in the peace agreement, there was a grain of public discontent. He was accompanied by economic instability. The situation was further evidence of adverse babhariyate. Berlin is opposed to the government of the Republic began to be published. Hitler continued his work to the Bavarian city of Munich. In 1920 a right-wing government to establish a military coup, is trying to Berlin. But the coup failed.

Adolf Hitler’s sex life

Adolf Hitler’s sex lives have long been much debate among historians and scholars. Many of his romantic relationship with a girl knows some of the life and its animosity towards homosexuality were seen at the same time. There is no evidence that he was addicted homosexual. His name has been associated with many girls, two of whom committed suicide. Among other things, an attempt to commit suicide and another died 8 years after a failed attempted suicide. Everyone knew that Hitler’s domestic life of a bachelor, with the exception of a man who has dedicated his whole life to political objectives and the state. Eva Brown’s 14-year relationship with the outside and the inside did not know. Brown noted that: jibanilekhaka heike goratema the couple enjoyed a normal sex life. Hitler and Braun were married at the end of April 1945, and suicides were together until less than 40 hours.
Two reports by the Ellis war period was undertaken to analyze Hitler psychologically. In 1943, Walter C. Langer, the American Office of Strategic Services, the report said, and added that Hitler was a repressed homosexual tendencies karpohila Hitler was impotent. Henry Otto murare and anti-Nazi party to the same stressor a separate report. British historian Sir Ian karasao stresarera facets of the anti-Hitler propaganda referred to as.
Historical information about Hitler
Hitler’s sex lives of many of them there are various rumors and speculation by political enemies were spicy. Many people around the Hitler knew about his sexual orientation, but no conclusive evidence of her sexuality. Hitler’s private life, which is evident in almost all the people around him. These are the people around him, his deputy secretary Richard Albert Spear, etc. oyagnara family. There is evidence in some of the romantic relationship with his daughter and his animosity towards homosexuality were seen at the same time. There is no evidence that he was addicted homosexual. British historian Sir Ian karasao described Hitler as a young man in Vienna that homosexuality itself has ceased and patitabrttisaha yekona forms of sexual activity itself. In fact, he was afraid of diseases spread through sexual. Herman rausanim alleged that a section of the First World War can be seen in one of the court-martial records militare officer on Hitler’s secret homosexual relationship. Rausanim also complained that the demolition of the crimes of Hitler at Munich in Section 175 of the criminal, which is related to homosexuality. However, no evidence was found in a state of temporary abhiyogagulorahitalara yubakathaka was involved. He is 19 years younger than her niece might duhsamparkera raubalera one connected with the gabhirasamparke. In 1925, when the girl’s mother employed as housemaids Hitler, Hitler’s home, he began to lie. However, the nature and extent of the relationship is unknown, but a lot of it karasao termed latent sexual dependence. There were rumors that the contemporary romantic relationship between them. In September 1931, the might of Hitler’s Munich apartment committed suicide with a gun. Hitler was deeply hurt in the incident. One of the people around Hitler in Munich in the first days hanaphasatayengi Ernest wrote, “I think Hitler was a man that birds do not eat fish is not. That is not the whole homosexual and heterosexual is not full. I had him castrated accused man prevent masturbation. Moreover hanaphasatayengi Hitler and that Hitler was accused of biparitakamita dadera American Ambassador to the girl, she tries to create a failed romantic relationship. he wanted to make a film maker Lenny riphenastahi relations with Hitler, but Hitler refused her.
Hitler’s persecution of homosexuals were at. 15,000 were sent to concentration camps from 5000 to about homosexual people, of whom 500 have died since 7500. After Hitler’s Night of the Long naibhasa arnsata ruhama and other SA leaders homosexuality and adultery as nitibhrastata explained. In August 1941, Hitler declared that homosexuality is contagious and dangerous like the plague, and heinrikha himamlarera military and the SS evacuated from the gay support. Homosexuality was illegal and the perpetrators boys sent directly to prison or concentration camp due to power hatatini girls felt myself attractive. Hitler said that he preferred his friend Albert Spear meyadera less intelligent girl who loves to spend time with him and do not ask. Karasao the idea that Hitler liked those young women who have grown easily control and authority. He also mentioned that the daughter of Hitler’s associates were at least 3 less than his age. Brown was younger than 3 years old were 19 years younger, and Reiter was raubala chotaibha 1-year-old Brown, his 14-year relationship with the outside and the inside did not know. Sometimes he was frank with everyone around Brown. The couple lived in baracatenasagadena. Linja Brown said Heinz Hitler and Hitler’s servant, separate bedroom and bathroom was. There was a door between the bedroom. Since only two of them together in the evening before going to bed to read. Brown wore a dressing gown or coat the House and drank wine and tea Hitler. Heike jibanilekhaka goratema Brown noted that the pair enjoyed a normal sex life. Brown’s friends and relatives in 1938 in Munich, Hitler’s photographer nebhili cembaralinera flats built on the sofa in his sitting at the picture and say what would have been laughed out sofa knows that he knows.
Hitler’s letter proves that Hitler liked Brown and late in the game when the tea table or other reasons were worried. During the war, Hitler and his personal secretary said traudala jange Brown spoke on a regular basis. Brown, when Munich was away from her, he was informed about his safety, and Brown was brought to him. Jange asked him one day why he did not marry. Hitler replied that my wife and I really can not give much time. Hitler also said that he did not want children. For a very difficult time. Because children like to be famous like her famous parents and children are assumed to have the capacity if the medium can not be accepted.

Recent charges against Hitler After Hitler’s death,

several studies have shown that there are varying with the type of sexuality. Some say that many lesbian, gay, bisexual and others say there is no sexual experience. However, there is no evidence konatarai .1995 laibhli Scott and Kevin Abraham written in the book The Pink Swastika noted that most of the leaders at the top of the leader of the Nazi Party, was gay, and that homosexuals were formidable and dangerous. The book was criticized for distorted information mainstream historians. Southern Poverty Law Center, said the author of the book Bob samakamabirodhi socks and historians agreed that the book was circulated by the group outright mithyaiunibharsiti of information myacacuyetasa Lowell nausana Jack Porter wrote in 1988 that Hitler hated homosexuals do? Ouch he was ashamed of his homosexuality? Are all outside the limits of our knowledge. <span title=”আমার মতে সাধারণ চোখে তিনি পুরো যৌন উদাসীন একজন ব্যাক্তি এবং আসলে তিনি একজন উদ্ভট যৌন ফেটিশধারী ব্যাক্তি।

“>In my opinion, the whole sexual indifferent eyes of a person, and in fact he was a man of bizarre sexual phetisadhari.

The Hidden Hitler historian Lothar myacatana debate about homosexuality. The book is the idea of the experience with friends in Vienna, Hitler youth had in his adult Ruhm hanaphasataenla and the First World War, Hitler’s aide Hans Emil mauraise and book mendera the early 1920’s in Munich’s objections to the analysis of this study included a series of protocol menda is. He criticized the work of the American journalist Ron rojenabauma macatanera and the ability to prove that the evidence is so low that it does not. Most scholars believe that Hitler Heterosexual macataranera complaint and dismissed. HBO macatanera 004 Hidden phaharara debating on the theory of a documentary film entitled The enigma of sexually hitalarasa published.