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Actually Jesus’ ascendancy is a Christian concept. According to the New Testament idea, after 40 days of Jesus’ resurrection, he went to heaven in the presence of his disciples. According to the Bible story, an angel told the eyewitnesses, as Jesus ascended into heaven, he would come down to earth in the same way. There are two short descriptions of Jesus’ ascension in the original Gospels: Luke-written gospel (24: 5-53) and Mark-written gospel (16: 19). A detailed description of Jesus’ ascension is found in the book “The Lord Jesus Christ’s Apostle Disciples” (1: 9-11).

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It has been said about Jesus’ ascension to the religion of Niacin and the apostles. It is one of the main festivals of the Christian calendar. From the 9th century onwards, the ascendancy of the church began to appear. In many views of heaven, there are two parts, one above the heavenly and one below the earthly part. During the ascension, Jesus is seen blessing his disciples on the right hand in heaven. The significance of this scene is that Jesus blesses the whole church.
Christianity, like Islam, he honored a prophet of the religion of Islam to the crucifixion events are not accepted, it is said, crucified in order the carrier to take him into the room, and then him on the picked up and the carrier faces isaera face similar grants as a result, he appears The carrier is crucified. Islam says that Jesus is living in Paradise now alive. (Peace be upon him) will be buried next to his grave, for that reason the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Medina The references that are found are sent to God’s Messenger Jesus (A), a complete book called the Gospel. In the Injīl it is said that God sent his nominal person Jesus to the world to save human sin. Whoever believes in God through Jesus and turns to God in repentance for forgiveness of sins, can be saved. New Testament Book of John segments 14 bow 6th verse, “I (Jesus) the way and the truth and the life. My through one to the Father (that is, to God) can not go. Note that Jesus (peace be upon him) Who is God as Father sammadhana said. but the Qur’an has given birth to him majide pabitratini God has given birth to one of life niisalami byakhyamate, this Jesus (peace be upon him) was the khristadharmamate Jesus.